Texas "investigating" mom turning 7 year old boy into a girl

Texas "investigating" mom turning 7 year old boy into a girl

When Ed Morrissey wrote about the story of seven-year-old James Younger in Texas, the outrage among readers was immediate and palpable. That’s completely understandable, given the circumstances. A jury recently decided against his father, Jeffrey Younger, in his attempt to gain custody of his twin sons to prevent their mother from “transitioning” James into a girl. This would be done through a process of administering dangerous puberty-blocking drugs, female hormones and eventual chemical castration. The story made national headlines and people were up in arms.

The judge in the case has postponed the final ruling and perhaps there is still hope for James. Governor Greg Abbott has announced that the state is investigating the case, hopefully as potential child abuse. (Washington Examiner)

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said that two government departments are investigating after a jury returned a verdict against Jeffrey Younger, who was petitioning for full custody of his son, in part to avoid his ex-wife’s plan to infuse him with puberty-blocking hormones.

Abbott waded into the controversy surrounding Monday’s verdict, which gave Anne Georgulas sole custody of James and his twin brother, Jude. Georgulas, who has been telling her son he was a girl since he was 3, supports giving hormones that would block his adolescence. She also wants the court to mandate that the boy’s father call James “Luna.”

“FYI the matter of 7 year old James Younger is being looked into by the Texas Attorney General’s Office and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services,” Abbott said on Twitter Wednesday night.

Launching an investigation is one thing, but the state will need to act quickly. If the jury’s verdict is allowed to stand and the father is denied his parental rights, young James could be off to whatever deranged doctor the mother is working with before anyone is the wiser. If there’s ever been a case crying out for intervention by child protective services, it’s certainly this one.

The doctor should be investigated as well. The medical profession has succumbed to some form of mass hysteria over the past few years, driven by political correctness more than science. If the AMA won’t step in on this matter then some form of legal remedy should be sought in Congress.

While I dread saying this aloud, this case may turn out to be precisely what the nation needs. James Younger is still in jeopardy and we don’t yet know if he can legally be rescued, but an important issue is finally being brought to light at the national level. How any civilized human being can hear this story and not be outraged is beyond belief and this unfolding tragedy may be what it takes to finally spur Congress to action.

This child’s unbalanced mother began telling him he was a girl at the age of three. Allow me to emphasize that. The child was three years old. How on Earth is any three-year-old child possibly mature enough to start making decisions about things like gender? Most teenagers struggle with issues of puberty and sexuality. And at only seven years of age, the mother is preparing to have her son filled up with unnatural hormones and puberty-blocking drugs, followed by chemical castration that can never be undone. By the time the boy is old enough to actually become interested in sex, he will be permanently sterile and likely unable to engage in sexual activity.

And all of this would be allowed to happen under the hands of a licensed medical professional. The woke brigade and the trans mafia have managed to throw centuries of progress in medical science out the window and turn some doctor’s offices into the Island of Dr. Moreau.

These practices need to be outlawed nationally. What adults choose to do to their own bodies is up to them, even if they wish to permanently mutilate themselves. But the government has an obligation to protect children who are unable to provide informed consent for such horror shows.

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