Another Dem congressional candidate who wants to disarm the police

Another Dem congressional candidate who wants to disarm the police

I had been seriously hoping that this was one strain of progressive woke madness that wouldn’t start spreading through the Democratic gene pool, but apparently the antibiotics are no longer working in the body politic. Last month we talked about a city in Vermont where the village elders were debating a proposal to disarm their police force. You know… so they don’t wind up shooting anyone. But that’s just one relatively small city, so what’s the harm, right?

As it turns out, there is a candidate for Congress in the Big Apple who has the same idea. And to put a cherry on this dish, he’s being endorsed by Justice Democrats, the folks who brought you The Squad. (Free Beacon)

A congressional candidate, who is endorsed by the same progressive group that backed Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) in 2018, recently called to disarm police officers.

Jamaal Bowman, a New York City congressional candidate endorsed by Justice Democrats, has proposed taking guns from police officers in American cities.

“It’s time to disarm the police,” Jamaal Bowman wrote on Twitter before retweeting one user’s response that police in the United Kingdom “carry no guns” and thus have “killed no citizens.”

Jamaal Bowman is a middle school principal from the Bronx. (Just in case you were wondering why Gotham continues to descend toward full loony bin status every generation.) And he’d like to represent his district in Congress. This molder of young minds thinks it might be a fine idea to disarm all the cops because, hey… that’s how they do it in England and look how well things are going over there!

Except for one inconvenient detail, that is. The people in Great Britain don’t have Second Amendment rights, so very few of their criminals are armed. (Guns still slip through sometimes, though.) And even with that reality in mind, the cops in England actually do have weapons. Only most of them don’t carry them on the beat. But if they call in to HQ reporting a violent situation that’s developing, more police with military-grade weaponry are dispatched to the scene at once.

The Free Beacon does a good job of breaking down this crazy proposal and why it makes no sense, particularly in New York City. First of all, New York doesn’t have an epidemic of trigger-happy cops shooting up the innocent populace. There have been just 32 police shootings in New York City since 2015. Only one of the suspects was unarmed, though a second one had a realistic toy gun he pointed at officers. The rest were all armed and resisting arrest.

Also, one of the reasons that the Big Apple has been experiencing years of decreases in violent crime is that New York has one of the larger, tougher police forces in the country. They know how to keep the peace and take down the bad guys. And criminals know it. Sadly, it’s been creeping back in the other direction recently under Bill de Blasio, but that’s a subject for another column.

Hopefully, the voters in Principal Bowman’s district will be smart enough to see this guy for what he is. Disarming the police is one of the dumber ideas to ever bubble up from the depths of the deep left bog. We don’t need people endorsing such policies showing up and taking a seat in the House.

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