The US Navy just got a patent for a reactor that looks like it belongs in a UFO

If the United States Navy was hoping to start quashing all the rumors going around since they released those UFO videos a while back, this story certainly isn’t going to help. It turns out that they’ve been awarded a patent via researcher Salvatore Cezar Pais at the Naval Air Warfare Center for a rather unbelievable new piece of technology. It’s a fusion reactor (as opposed to a fission reactor like the ones we use now) that could fit in a small space and produce unbelievable amounts of power. And that’s already got some people wondering if they reverse-engineered it from a UFO. (Mysterious Universe)

The U.S. Navy has been in the news for some weird stuff over the last few years. As the only branch of the military which has acknowledged the UFO (or UAP as they insist on referring to it) phenomenon, it’s quite curious that they have recently filed patents for technology that seems a perfect fit if they were attempting to build their own flying saucers. The problem is that a lot of these patents describe things that just simply shouldn’t exist within our known technological capacities. The latest in a series of filed U.S. Navy patents that seem to be beyond the realm of modern physics is a compact nuclear fusion reactor that could potentially fit inside a small craft. Yet nuclear fusion is a “Holy Grail” of energy production which we supposedly can’t figure out how to do at all, let alone create a compact fusion reactor that could fit inside a small vehicle.

Mysterious Universe alumnus Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway at The War Zone did a fantastic deep dive into this mysterious Navy patent and why it’s so confusing.

You can view the patent here.

It’s important to point out that you can receive a patent for a theory about something without having actually built a working model yet. This may apply to several patents that the Navy was granted for Mr. Pais, including a room-temperature superconductor and a speed of light propulsion system. None of this should be possible under our current level of technology… that we know of.

As for this reactor, Popular Mechanics took a look at the patent recently (it was actually published a few weeks ago) and cast serious doubt on whether or not anyone can build one. A working fusion reactor would be a massive game-changer for the future of humanity, but we don’t seem to be even close to being able to create a functional one. The ones being constructed by researchers have all sorts of issues. They only fire up for a matter of seconds, tend to be the size of large buildings, and have no practical way to capture the energy they create. Even if they did, they take more energy to operate than they produce.

If the Navy has cooked one up that actually works and could fit in a plane they’ve made a quantum leap ahead of everyone else. Unless, of course, somebody else built it and they’re just figuring out how to copy the technology. And that brings us back to those pesky aliens again…