Interview: Micah Hanks on the origins of the UFO videos and what's next

Following up on our ongoing coverage of those wild UFO videos the Navy released and questions of potential alien visitors, we’ve got something a bit different for you. Today we have an interview I conducted with Micah Hanks, a journalist who has delved deep into this subject (along with many others) for a number of years. He’s a lecturer, the author of multiple books and the host of The Micah Hanks Program (formerly known as The Gralien Report), among other interests and podcasts:

In a rather wide-ranging discussion, Micah and I talk about how the Navy videos originally came to light, some of Michio Kaku’s recent comments on government accountability and what we know thus far about the technology being displayed by these unusual objects in our skies. (Or at least what the experts think we know about it anyway.) Micah is a smart guy who brings a lot to the table on this subject and I hope you enjoy the interview.