Video: Michio Kaku on UFOs. "The evidence is overwhelming."

Video: Michio Kaku on UFOs. "The evidence is overwhelming."

This is another intriguing interview I wanted to share with those of you who may have missed it. It deals with those three videos of UFOs (they want us to say Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon these days but I don’t care for it) captured on film by the military. As you may have seen already, the Navy has finally come forward and confirmed that not only are the videos real with a full chain of custody, but they also consider them “unidentified” objects.

Since that time, noted astrophysicist Michio Kaku has been wading into that discussion, originally bringing it up during a conference in Spain. This caught the attention of the mainstream media and he’s since been doing some interviews where he expounds on the subject. This weekend he was on Fox News talking to Tucker Carlson, and he’s definitely seen enough evidence at this point to draw at least some scientific conclusions.

I just wanted to highlight a couple of points from this interview before we get to the video. First of all, having previously said that the onus was now “on the government” to prove that these UAPs are not extraterrestrial in origin, this weekend Kaku declared the videos to be “a gamechanger.” His reason is that reviews of the videos and reports of the pilots have given us some hard, testable science to work with. This includes velocities and acceleration rates. He calls the evidence “overwhelming.”

But having said all of that, when Tucker hits him with the hard question (twice) Professor Kaku seems to step back just a bit. Tucker asks him if, based on what we know of physics, the craft could have been built by humans. The first time, he responds by talking about all of the millions of planets orbiting other stars and the exciting possibility that someone up there “might be watching us.” The second time he comes a bit closer, but still won’t call it impossible that people made these machines.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain how humans can make a machine that can hover in place over the ocean with no visible means of propulsion and then take off at Mach 5. But hey… I won’t argue with Professor Kaku here. Let’s get to the interview. After it concludes, the website that published this clip includes the three Navy videos with full tech explainers from To The Stars Academy in case you’ve never seen them.

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