Is the Navy stonewalling Congress on UFO sightings?

It’s less than two weeks until the big Storm Area 51 event, but not all the news about UFOs (oh, sorry… UAPs) is taking place out in the desert of Nevada. As we previously discussed, the NAVY has put new protocols in place for military pilots to record encounters with anomalous craft in our airspace and are supposedly tracking and investigating all such instances. But why don’t we know more about it than the three videos they’ve released so far and the eyewitness testimony of a half dozen or so pilots?

That’s what Congressman Mark Walker (R – North Carolina) wants to know. And as the ranking member of the House Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee, he’s in a position to find out. He’s asking the Navy for answers and claims that they’re dragging their feet in supplying his committee with answers. (Politico)

Navy Undersecretary Thomas Modly responded in a brief letter on July 31 that “the Department of the Navy takes these reports very seriously and continues to log sightings and fully investigate the accounts,” according to a copy provided to POLITICO.

But Walker said he is discouraged by the Navy’s seeming unwillingness to provide his committee with more data about the so-called unidentified aerial phenomena — the term the Pentagon prefers over the more traditional “unidentified flying objects,” or UFOs. He has expressed concern publicly that the craft could pose a threat to U.S. forces or territory.

“While I am encouraged the Under Secretary of the Navy confirmed that UAP encounters are fully investigated, there is frustration with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that superior aircraft flying in United States airspace may pose,” Walker told POLITICO in a statement.

Walker isn’t going the full little gray alien route… at least not yet. (Never go the full little gray alien route.) He’s asking if the Navy is aware of any activity by the Russians, the Chinese, or anyone else native to this planet that might explain the seemingly impossible flight characteristics of these objects being reported. Even more intriguing is his demand to know whether or not the Navy is aware of any “physical evidence” to substantiate the claims.

We’ve been hearing rumors of supposed physical evidence in the form of exotic materials that could be proven to have originated beyond our planet, but they’ve all been coming from sources like Robert Bigelow or the To The Stars Academy (TTSA). To my knowledge, nobody from the United States government has fessed up to having any such materials. (Not that such a lack of admission proves anything, of course.)

As far as the Navy goes, their spokesperson said that they are “ready” to accommodate any requests from the committee, but they haven’t received any new requests for updates on this issue. Does Walker have his wires crossed or did the request get lost in the shuffle? Or, as he seems to suggest, are they defying a congressional request? He’s asking for some pretty sensitive material if we’re looking at this as a case of potential threats our military isn’t prepared to deal with. But at the same time, shouldn’t the public know if that’s the case, providing the disclosure doesn’t reveal any of our own national security secrets?

If you want some spicy reading material on a related subject, a retired, decorated intelligence officer for the 21st Air Force, Military Airlift Command, just released a book where he claims that an extraterrestrial alien was shot and killed on an Air Force base in New Jersey in 1978. Supposedly multiple people saw the body and some spooks from Wright-Patterson showed up and took it back to their base. Make of that what you will.

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Jazz Shaw 10:01 AM on June 04, 2023