Forbes: Plant-based "meat" stocks are going to crash

Could this be the beginning of the end for the socialist/vegan uprising currently sweeping the nation in the form of plant-based “meat” products? When Beyond Meat took their stock public, it shot up like a rocket. The price has increased by 840% in just four months and it’s being described as one of the most successful IPOs of all time. This trend was no doubt aided by constant news stories about the demand for their products being so high that they couldn’t keep up with it.

But is all of that about to end? Olivier Garret, a market analyst for Forbes, explains that the ride has probably nearly peaked and will be heading in the other direction soon. (Forbes)

But with the giant early gains in Beyond Meat behind us, the question now is: Does the stock have staying power? Should you buy it now?

Let me explain why the answer is NO.

Do You Remember the LaCroix Craze? LaCroix is a popular brand of flavored sparkling water…

Like Beyond Meat, people thought it was the “next big thing.” Investors loaded up on shares of National Beverage (FIZZ)—the parent company that owns LaCroix. National Beverage’s stock surged 550% from May 2015 to September 2017.

Garret finishes the story of LaCroix sparkling water with the fact that after experiencing a surge like Beyond Meat, the stock later fell nearly as hard and a lot of investors were left holding the bag.

If like me, you were hoping that the reason is that people will catch on to the evil plans of the vegans and begin rejecting these chemistry lab “burger” experiments, that’s sadly not the case. There may indeed be a continuing demand for such plant-based products. But the companies who got in on the ground floor like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods will not be alone in this field for long. They aren’t making something unique, nor can they hold off the competition. Several other major food companies are already working on plant-based offerings and will likely be able to offer them more cheaply than the current prices.

As the supply chain widens and grows, demand will fall. the original companies will probably survive, but their stock won’t be worth those astronomical prices for long. So I suppose the lesson here would be to make your money early and get out quickly, assuming you invested in this nightmarish project.

While the long term effects of eating significant amounts of the genetically engineered goop in these “burgers” remain unknown, plant-based “beef” has already gotten one person in hot water. That would be the Democratic Governor of Colorado, Jared Polis. He began encouraging people to try these foods as a way to improve your health and save the planet or whatever. I guess he forgot that beef is one of his state’s chief exports.

Farmers and ranchers are not happy with Colorado governor Jared Polis’s push to explore plant-based meat alternatives.

The first-term Democrat has privately urged the state Department of Agriculture to explore how Colorado can produce meatless options, according to the Gazette…

“For the Governor to suggest that Colorado agriculture begin focusing on growing vegetables for plant-based proteins is confusing to the farmers and ranchers who have worked the land in rural Colorado for decades,” the Colorado Livestock Association said in a press release. “Next time the Department of Agriculture staff is [sic.] looking for a free lunch we’d be more than glad to set up a grill in Broomfield and barbecue some cheeseburgers for the crew–the beef kind.”

Oops. The people running these fake meat companies have been very upfront about the fact that they want to largely do away with cows. But there are some places where that message isn’t going to sell well at all, and Colorado is one of them. I guess Governor Polis forgot which side his burger bun was buttered on.