Now they're going to try to feed us "eggs" made from plants

Some day, hopefully long after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I hope you’ll remember that I was the one who tried to warn you about this impending apocalypse. And now it’s at our doors. The socialist vegan hordes who are diligently (and successfully) working to get rid of all the cows and pigs so they can save the planet have a new target in their sights. Chickens. More specifically, they want to replace all of the eggs we eat with “eggs made from plants.” And they’re not joking. The work is already in progress. (Fox Business Network)

Impossible Foods’ Sheetal Shah on the company’s partnership with OSI Group in an effort to expand production and the company’s continued efforts to improve the quality and nutrition of its products.

Kroger is adding plant-based egg alternative Just Egg to shelves at 2,100 stores across the country, just as Canadian favorite coffee chain Tim Hortons announced it is testing Just Egg on its menu at select locations.

The product, made from mung bean protein, canola oil, onion puree and turmeric, imitates the taste and texture of real eggs. Tim Hortons joins other fast food chains that are satiating consumers’ cravings for non-animal proteins like plant-based burgers.

So these are “eggs” made from… what was that again? Mung bean protein. Boy howdy, that just makes you want to tie a bib around your neck, pick up a fork and dig in, doesn’t it? The mung bean (also known as Vigna Radiata) is an Asian legume that can apparently be modified by the mad scientists producing all of this garbage so it tastes something like eggs.

Why are they doing this? For your health? Don’t be fooled, kids. All you need to know is why they named the product JUST Egg. Their CEO is quoted as saying, “We believe a just food system starts with breakfast and our partnership with the Kroger family of stores, the largest grocery store chain in the United States, makes JUST Egg accessible to countless consumers in communities around the country,”

The “JUST” stands for “justice.” Raising and eating chickens is wrong in liberal circles and probably is causing global warming or something. (Wait… I thought that was the cow farts?) They want justice for the chickens and now they’re going to start selling fake eggs made from modified mung beans. Just lovely. (Pardon the pun.)

Three tablespoons of this Just Egg product is equivalent to one chicken egg and provides five grams of plant-based protein, according to the company. But what if I don’t want “plant-based protein?” What if I want real protein? And trust me, you’re never going to be able to make a deviled egg out of this stuff.

They’re targeting breakfast now, people. And you know what that means. Next, they’re going to be coming for the bacon. When there are no more cows, pigs or chickens and you’re living on twigs and leaves mixed in with these nightmare science experiment meals, don’t come back crying to me. I’ve been trying to warn you.