Warren ready to rule by the pen and the phone

Now that Elizabeth Warren has somehow moved up far enough in the polls to really be in contention (probably to come in second to Biden, anyway), it’s worth seeing what she plans to do if she were to somehow be elected president. And she’s ready to talk, particularly to the folks at MSNBC. She sat down with Kasie Hunt on Sunday night and set forth even more of her plans, particularly when it comes to gun control. And what should we expect from President Warren? An end to the filibuster and executive orders as far as the eye can see. (Free Beacon)

Presidential candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.) endorsed ending the filibuster and using executive orders to address the gun issue Sunday night on MSNBC. The senator’s comments came in the wake of two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas. and Dayton, Ohio over the past weekend.

“We get rid of the filibuster and go with the majority vote,” she told MSNBC host Kasie Hunt.

Hunt asked Warren what she would do differently as president to get gun control initiatives passed.

Kasie Hunt was rude enough to bring up the fact that the President isn’t actually empowered to end the filibuster. That didn’t seem to phase Warren, who explained that the President “can certainly call for it, and the president can certainly lead the charge.” Showing a shocking amount of optimism about her chances, she went on to say that, “the president right now as a candidate can run on it.”

She further explained that she “will do everything I can by executive order.”

I’m not sure if Senator Warren has noticed it or not, but it’s her party that’s been filibustering the actual President’s agenda for quite a while now. And Donald Trump has already called for an end to the filibuster to put a stop to the Democrats’ obstructionist tactics, so there’s at least one thing they agree on. It’s also far from a sure bet that the Democrats will take control of the Senate next year even if they manage to oust Trump, so she might want to be careful what she wishes for.

As to the executive order question, haven’t the Democrats, including Warren, been loudly complaining and railing against the pile of executive orders that Donald Trump has signed? To be fair, Trump carped about all of Barack Obama’s executive orders when he was running for the office. I suppose everyone hates executive orders until they’re the ones with the pen and the phone in their hands, eh?

Listening to this interview (which you can watch at the linked Free Beacon article), I still can’t bring myself to believe that Donald Trump could be lucky enough to draw Warren as his opponent next year. She’s just not a good candidate and she comes off as a lecturing, bitter person on the stump. She’s not offering much in the way of ideas that aren’t already being supported by the rest of the far-left hopefuls and voters would quickly come to realize how completely she plans to bankrupt the nation if elected.

Still, she’s in the mix now. Her RCP average has her sitting in third place at 14%, which is almost exactly what she scored in the latest Politico/Morning Consult survey that came out this morning. Granted, she’s still 18 points behind Uncle Joe, but if a bunch of the third tier candidates start dropping out after the next debates, who knows? She might start consolidating some support so we should probably keep an eye on her.