Perfect: Restaurant hits back at PETA with "PETA Tears beer"

Today we catch up on the story of a rivalry that’s been going on for roughly a year now and shows no signs of slowing down. Last summer, PETA decided to lecture the people of Baltimore about eating crabs by taking out a huge billboard. A local crab shack named Jimmy’s Famous Seafood decided to fire back with a billboard of their own. The spat quickly moved to social media and blew up from there.

Now, a year later, Jimmy’s is back with a different offering. They’re rolling out a limited-edition lager named PETA Tears. And by all accounts, it pairs well with steamed crabs and is delicious. (CBS Baltimore)

A year later, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is celebrating the moment with a refreshing new locally brewed lager called – PETA Tears!

The lager is a limited time release and is, “paired perfectly with steamed crabs.”

“Turns out that their tears are in fact quite delicious!” Jimmy’s Famous Seafood said in a Facebook post.

A launch party will be held Wednesday, July 24. Part of the proceeds will go to Show Your Soft Side.

Is this just mean spirited? Probably, but it’s also hilarious. PETA has never seemed to get the hang of developing a sense of humor about themselves, but I suppose it’s hard to laugh when you’re so busy being pretentious and looking down your nose at everyone.

Just as a flashback, here’s the original billboard that Jimmy’s Famous Seafood put up.

The truth is, PETA spends far more time creating their own publicity stunts than helping actual animals. And their choices of which animals to “save” are rather bizarre to begin with. Everyone loves dogs and cats so efforts on their behalf are easy to get behind. Chimpanzees and elephants are sympathetic creatures also. But… crabs? (They’ve also gone after people for eating lobster as well.) These are primitive creatures that scour the seafloor cleaning up garbage. It’s useful work, but they’re also delicious so people learned to catch and eat them.

Here’s an alternate idea just in the interest of seeing everyone get along. You eat what you want and we’ll eat what we want and we can both leave each other alone. Oh, and I’ll wash mine down with a bottle of PETA Tears (for a limited time only).