Booker: Who is this Louis Farrakhan person of whom you speak?

Earlier in the Democratic presidential primary, (almost one month ago to the day to be precise) Senator Cory Booker told us that he would have no problem taking a meeting with renowned antisemite and race-baiter Louis Farrakhan. It appears that somebody on his staff finally pulled him aside and pointed out that antisemitism isn’t selling particularly well this season and he might want to can that sort of talk. The message sunk in and this weekend Booker began singing a different tune. There’s just no need to meet with Farrakhan, you see. (Free Beacon)

Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) said on Sunday that he would not meet with anti-Semitic leader Louis Farrakhan, after indicating last month that he would be open to the possibility.

“I will not sit down with Louis Farrakhan, period. And I reject anybody who preaches that kind of bigotry and hate toward other Americans,” Booker told CNN’s Dana Bash on State of the Union.

At a fundraiser in June, however, Booker said that he was “very familiar” with Farrakhan’s “beliefs and values” and that he wouldn’t rule out sitting down with him.

What do we suppose was the final straw that pushed Booker off the Farrakhan bus? Was it referring to Jews as termites? Calling them “Satanic?” Suggesting that either the Holocaust never happened or, if it did, it was overhyped? In any event, around the Team Booker campfire, Farrakhan has apparently gone from being “controversial” to bigoted and hateful. Welcome to the party, Senator.

It’s worth noting that Louis Farrakhan isn’t just bad. This guy is so bad that even the Southern Poverty Law Center has a special entry for him on their list of hate merchants. And to make it onto that list as someone who is both a racial and religious minority really takes some effort. Their introductory paragraph on him is worth a glance. (Emphasis added)

Louis Farrakhan heads the Nation of Islam, a group he has led since 1977 and that is based on a somewhat bizarre and fundamentally anti-white theology. Farrakhan is an antisemite who routinely accuses Jews of manipulating the U.S. government and controlling the levers of world power.

That’s one aspect of Farrakhan’s history that the media doesn’t like to cover nearly as much, but it’s factual. The guy has rewritten the entire history of mankind and developed his own gospel as to the origins of the white and black races. Give it a read sometime. It’s quite a fascinating analysis.

Be that as it may, it seems that Booker has seen the light and Farrakhan is now persona non grata at his campaign. That’s really something if you look at the larger picture. We live in an era when Kim Jong-un can get meetings with four different world leaders in the space of a couple of months, but Farrakhan can’t even get in the same room with a bottom tier primary candidate. Maybe there’s still some common sense left in the world after all.