When you drop your gun in front of the cops

Just a quick hit to make the evening pass more pleasantly for you, involving our boys in blue in New York City. Specifically, these are the NY Transit Police, and they’re out there keeping Gotham residents safe, even from the stupidest people imaginable.

This story takes place inside of a Dunkin’ Donuts shop (because how could a cop story not involve a donut shop…) where three officers had stopped off for a short break. In strolls a gentleman who might possibly have looked familiar to the police. Not because he was a fellow first responder, but because he had multiple felony convictions. That made it rather problematic for him when he went to adjust his shorts and a loaded handgun fell onto the floor. His day went downhill from there. (CBS New York)

Of all the places in the world for a repeat felon to drop an illegal firearm on the floor, a cop-filled doughnut shop is pretty much the worst spot for that to happen.

Three NYPD Transit officers were at the Dunkin/Baskin Robbins shop on Surf Avenue in Coney Island on Sunday when they say another customer adjusted his pants and dropping a loaded handgun onto the floor.

The NYPD Transit police tweeted “Seriously, this actually happened.”

Somebody is on their way back to the crowbar hotel. Sadly, there was no security video available of the epic fail taking place, but the local CBS Outlet has this short bit of coverage with all the players involved.

As mentioned in the report, the Transit Police tweeted about the incident as soon as it happened.

Kind of amazing that this guy was walking around with a loaded weapon when he has multiple felonies on his record. Did no one tell him that it’s illegal for him to own a gun? Must have been some sort of misunderstanding is all I can figure.

Anyway, you’ve heard us report that New York City has a vastly lower murder and gun crime rate than Baltimore, despite having nearly fifteen times the population. I normally assume that it’s because of superior police work. But after this report, I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually just because they have the stupidest criminals. Or possibly a combination of both. Anyway, enjoy the tale.

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Jazz Shaw 8:31 AM on December 04, 2022