Why are Republicans donating to Marianne Williamson?

Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Republican fundraising is really ramping up this year. Generally, that statement applies to President Trump, and there’s no question that he’s been raking in the big bucks. But since Thursday night’s debate, there’s been a different sort of GOP fundraising effort going on and it has nothing to do with a primary challenger to the President. Republicans have begun sending money to Democratic candidate and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson. What’ gives? (USA Today)

Author Marianne Williamson’s quirky, love-conquers-all approach on the Democratic debate stage Thursday drew applause, ridicule and confusion.

On Friday, she was attracting donations. From Republicans.

GOP strategist Jeff Roe, who ran Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’ 2016 presidential campaign, tweeted out to his 16,000 followers asking fellow Republicans “to donate $1 to keep this vibrant democrat on the debate stage. One debate performance is not enough.”

At least several people appear to have taken up the challenge based on responses to Roe, accompanied by copies of receipts of their campaign donations.

From the sound of things, not that many Republicans are actually donating, at least thus far. And those who do are probably only kicking in a dollar or two so she can meet the increasing minimum number of individual contributors required to qualify for future debates. Keeping her on the stage does seem to be a popular idea, though. The day after the big show, our own Allahpundit seemed to be excited about having her stick around.

Let’s keep in mind that this is the woman who proclaimed that only she could beat Donald Trump and she would do it by harnessing the power of love.

I’m somewhat at a loss in terms of what to make of Williamson. I’ll confess that I’d never heard of her until she announced her presidential bid. (Then again, I don’t watch Oprah, so that’s probably not surprising.) Playing a bit of catch up, I’ve started watching some older videos from her pre-presidential politics days. For example, here’s a very short clip from when she showed up on some podcast last year talking about the existential crisis facing the world and how we’re “not showing up” the way we should, or… okay. I have no idea what she’s going on about, but she comes off in a rather frightening fashion.

And then just check out her Twitter feed. Hoo boy.


Is she a priestess? A witch? I mean, aside from being a political candidate, what exactly is her gig? I’ve never been entirely clear on the role of “spiritual advisor” but she’s clearly entranced a lot of people around the country and I suspect there’s a voodoo doll or something like that involved somewhere along the line.

Anyway, this is too good to pass up and she definitely needs to stay in the mix, if not become the eventual nominee. I’m sending her a buck today. I invite you to do the same if you wish.