LA officials advise illegal immigrants on how to thwart ICE

Another helpful public service from the municipal government of Los Angeles and the Governor of California. They’re making sure that some specific residents of the City of Angels are up to date with the latest information. The residents in question are the illegal aliens in the city and both the Mayor and the Governor are tipping them off about potential ICE raids and how they can thwart law enforcement. Isn’t that just the most helpful thing ever? (CBS Los Angeles)


Gov. Newsom posted a video to Twitter alerting those of their rights when it comes to ICE stating, “CA will always defend the rights of our immigrant communities.”

Newsom listed several of those rights saying, “You do not have to open the door—you have the right against unlawful searches. You have the right to speak to a lawyer. You have the right to remain silent.”

Other L.A. officials took to social media after President Trump threatened to crack down on undocumented workers.

Assuming that a deal isn’t reached and the ICE raids the President promised earlier this month are back on the table, Los Angeles is without a doubt one of the targets. Unfortunately for the illegal aliens in that city, the Governor is feeding them bum information. These raids are targeting individuals who have already had their day in court and have a standing deportation order against them which they chose to ignore. And yes, since they are identified in advance, ICE will have warrants.

When these officers show up at your door with a warrant, I suppose it’s technically true that you “do not have to open the door.” But you’re just creating more repair bills for your family because ICE can bust it down. Telling them they have a “right against unlawful searches” applies to everyone, but guess what. If they have a warrant it’s a lawful search. They can certainly call a lawyer when they’re taken back to the station, but since they already have a deportation order against them it’s not going to do much good. As to the right to remain silent… absolutely. Feel free to not say a word until they drop you off back in your home country.


The Mayor of L.A., Eric Garcetti, sent out his own supporting message to the illegal alien population.

Mayor Eric Garcetti posted to Twitter stating, “No Angeleno should ever have to fear being snatched from their home or separated from their loved ones…”

Really, Mr. Mayor? No Angeleno should ever have to fear being snatched from their home? No Angeleno? How about if the Angelino in question is the Golden State Killer? Seems to me he was snatched from his home fairly recently and nobody complained. How about if it’s someone wanted for armed robbery? How about if it’s a member of the Trump administration? I’m sure you can think of a few people that are due for a good forced extraction from their domicile. But apparently, you’re just willing to make an exception and defy court orders if the crime is illegal immigration.

Who are these elected officials serving? And what happened to the rule of law? It would seem that in today’s Los Angeles, those are trifling concerns.

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Jazz Shaw 5:01 PM on December 04, 2023