Swalwell vows, if elected, to fire someone who will no longer be there

Say, do you remember that congressman from California who said he was running for president for some reason? What was his name again? Oh, that’s right. Eric Swalwell. As it turns out, he’s still running, not that you could tell from the latest primary polling. He sat down for a Q&A with the Gray Lady and was asked a series of standard questions being put to all the candidates. One of them was on Israel, naturally, and how he would deal with the peacemaking process as president. Part of his answer was fairly standard fare, but then he made a bold proposal that even took the Times reporter by surprise. (Free Beacon, emphasis added)

Answering a series of New York Times questions as part of a series on the 2020 Democratic candidates, Swalwell said he would push for a two-state solution when asked if Israel met international human rights standards. Swalwell added that he would terminate someone who wouldn’t be in his employ.

“Israel is a country that needs to work with the Palestinian people to find a two-state solution,” Swalwell said. “I support putting the U.S. back into the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. I support increasing aid to the Palestinian people, and I’m going to fire Jared Kushner on Day One, because he has no business being on the job of seeking a two-state solution or finding peace in the Middle East. It requires serious scholars and a serious leader committed to making it happen.”

That’ll certainly show them. Jared Kushner has been put on notice. If his father-in-law loses the next election and Swalwell wins, he’d better pack his things and get ready to be escorted from the building.

But… wouldn’t that depend on Kushner actually being in the building and available to be fired? Kushner took the job solely because he’s in Donald Trump’s family, is highly trusted, and was asked to join the team. Had any other Republican (or Hillary Clinton for that matter) wound up becoming President, Kushner wouldn’t have been asked, nor do I believe he would have been interested in abandoning all of his other business obligations and applying for the job.

Honestly, I’d be shocked if Kushner is still around when Trump leaves office if he wins a second term. He’ll eventually burn out and want to return to his own affairs. And if Trump does lose, don’t be shocked if he doesn’t even hang around for the entire lame duck transition period. In short, Swalwell isn’t going to be firing Jared Kushner from anything.

The only other amusing footnote from Swalwell’s interview comes at the end of the Free Beacon coverage. Asked what his most embarrassing recent moment was, he said that he had mistaken some fireworks for gunfire. Given the guy’s fixation on guns and repealing the Second Amendment, that probably shouldn’t come as too much of a shock.