AOC would support Biden, but still finds him creepy

Some of the Sunday shows begin looking like carbon copies of each other during a primary season. The same set of candidates cycle through the various networks giving basically the same focus group tested answers to the same questions. But yesterday we at least got a bit more entertainment value when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed up on This Week on ABC. The host brought up some #MeToo issues and AOC was quick to light into both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. Given that Biden is running for the Oval Office now, they explored his “unwelcome contact” issues and the congresswoman launched into a meandering diatribe about how “not all women” are comfortable with his explanations and course corrections over all of the hugging and hair sniffing. (Free Beacon)

On ABC’s This Week, the freshman Democrat took issue with Clinton getting a “pass” on his sexual misconduct and Biden causing women “discomfort” with how he touched them. She told anchor Jonathan Karl that Biden not being suspected of serious sexual misconduct doesn’t mean he’s “sufficiently answered” accusations from women of inappropriate touching.

“I think that is an issue where there is a struggle, I’ll be completely honest. I don’t think he has—I wouldn’t say it’s an incredibly severe—like I don’t think voters think that he’s necessarily guilty of sexual misconduct or anything like that,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “I do think that there may be some discomfort, especially seeing some clips this week and, you know the week before, telling a 13-year-old, telling her brothers to watch out for her, and I think there are some things with female voters that it’s just not quite locked down.”

Here’s the video. It’s a bit over five minutes long, but most of the good stuff is in the early portion.

Despite saying that she doesn’t think “he’s necessarily convinced all women,” AOC wasn’t ruling Joe out entirely. She’s willing to support him if he’s the eventual nominee, but she also doesn’t sound like she plans to do anything to help him achieve that goal.

I’m sure she’s technically correct that Biden hasn’t convinced “all women” but he’s certainly convinced quite a few of them. One poll after another has shown that a solid majority of women do not feel that Biden’s behavior should be seen as disqualifying. Also, the guy is hanging on to a roughly twenty point lead nationally and you don’t manage that without significant female support.

There was one other nugget from the AOC interview that was only tangentially related to Biden. She was asked how she felt about the former VP’s multiple flip-flops on the Hyde Amendment. Her response was curious, to say the least. She first agreed that opposition to the amendment should be “a baseline for all candidates.” But she then went on to suggest that the Hyde Amendment isn’t really about abortion anyway. No… really.

“The Hyde Amendment is not about abortion per se,” she added. “The Hyde Amendment is truly about equality of health care and health care access for low-income women and women of color and women that get caught in our mass incarceration system.”

She’s introducing an amendment to roll back the Hyde Amendment. After listening to this interview I have to wonder if she’s ever even read it.