Welcome to the birth strike movement

I don’t recall ever hearing of British musician Blythe Pepino before now, but she’s in the news because she started a movement encouraging people to pledge not to have children because of climate change. If that sentence leaves you scratching your head, don’t look to me for any answers. I’ve read this entire article at CNN twice now and I’m still not sure what she’s on about. There’s something about the carbon cost of every additional human being, combined with the idea that the Earth is ending in eleven years or something. Check it out for yourself.

Climate change is rapidly changing the environment we live in. But how far would you be willing to go to help save the planet?

Would you skip school? Eat pig’s feet? Deliberately get arrested? How about forgo having kids?

For 33-year-old British musician Blythe Pepino the latter is a reality. Her fears about climate change are so strong she has decided not to have biological children.

“I really want a kid,” she told CNN. “I love my partner and I want a family with him but I don’t feel like this is a time that you can do that.”

Honestly, this just sounds like another offshoot of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. (Yes, that’s actually a thing. Just click on the link and see for yourself.) It’s all part of a leftist agenda that appears to be basically giving up on the human race and deciding that Mother Earth will be better off without us.

Before we go dismissing this entire concept out of hand, let’s at least give it a fair shake. First of all, no matter where you come down on the subject of anthropogenic climate change, there’s little doubt that the planet is currently supporting far more people than could reasonably be expected to survive if we suddenly lost all of our technology in some massive EMP event. And particularly in the more industrialized nations, we’re creating a lot of trash, pollution and unintended effects on our environment as we go about our daily routines. Precisely how and to what degree these activities affect global temperature trends remain up for debate, but there’s zero question that we’re a messy bunch of homo sapiens.

Perhaps you don’t agree with that assessment. Fair enough. There’s room for everyone in this debate. But here’s another thought to consider. I’m not suggesting that you refuse to have children if you want to raise a family. But nearly all of the people involved in both Pepino’s small, roughly 300 person movement and the larger VHEM club are liberal activists. They would no doubt be attempting to raise children in their own mold. Are you really going to be that upset with them over the long run if they voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool?

I didn’t think so. Perhaps it’s time to encourage Ms. Pepino and the rest of her friends in their current efforts. By all means… stop breeding. We have plenty of people as it is.