Cincinnati patriots, there is an unaccompanied veteran being buried today

Cincinnati patriots, there is an unaccompanied veteran being buried today

I realize we’ve been through this drill before, both here and on social media, but another case of an unaccompanied veteran being laid to rest has come to our attention, this time in Cincinnati, Ohio. Korean War veteran Hezekiah Perkins was ninety years old, and as happens far too often with those that served our country, he outlived all of his immediate family members and fellow soldiers. And so, once again, we are asking for your help.

As often happens, I only learned of this via CNN’s Jake Tapper, who does a bang-up job of honoring our veterans on his Twitter feed.

A local news outlet has more of the details. (WLWT News)

A Korean War veteran — who has no family in town– will be buried in Cincinnati Saturday with full military honors.

The public is invited to attend.

Korean War Veteran Hezekiah Perkins, 90, will be buried at 3 p.m. Saturday in Cincinnati’s Spring Grove Cemetery — Section 137, Lot 318, Space 1.

He has no immediate family living in the area, officials said, and the public is invited to his services.

Mr. Perkins not only served his country but took responsibility for his own fate. It’s reported that he actually planned his own eventual funeral services and paid for them twenty years in advance, not leaving a financial burden for others when his time came.

I realize that this is coming on short notice because the funeral is at 3:00 pm today. But do you live in the greater Cincinnati area? Or do you perhaps have friends or family members in the vicinity that you could shoot a quick email to or ring up on the phone? It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I know most people probably have plans to kick off the unofficial start to summer with a barbeque or other festivities, but isn’t it a fitting time to show up and send off someone who gave so much for our nation? (This Google Maps key can be used/sent for people to obtain directions to the cemetery. It’s Section 137, Lot 318, Space 1.)

Any help getting the word out and increasing attendance would be most appreciated. And if you’ve never been to a veteran’s funeral held with full military honors, I can assure you that, while a somber occasion, it’s something you will never forget.

Rest in peace, Mr. Perkins, and thank you for your service.

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