We finally have some solid polling numbers on de Blasio and, um...

As the Washington Post was reporting last night, the new Q-poll is out and it’s the first solid, national survey to include New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s name since he announced his presidential bid. So how did Hizzoner do? Well… we can start at the top line or go to the crosstabs but there simply isn’t much good to say. To begin with, out of 454 registered Democrats or Democrat-leaning independent likely voters, not a single one picked de Blasio as their choice for the nomination. Nobody.

Sadly for Bill, the questions that drill down further don’t get any better. For the question of what candidate would make people unhappy if they wound up winning the nomination, it was a virtual tie between Sanders and Biden. That makes sense because supporters of each see the other as the greatest threat. But guess who came in a close third. Yep. (Emphasis added)

Quinnipiac asked Democrats if there were any candidates that they hoped wouldn’t win. About 10 percent of those surveyed identified both Biden and Sanders, the two front-runners.

The next most commonly cited candidate? New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It’s a pretty impressive feat that de Blasio’s pulled off here. No one picked him as their preferred nominee, but one out of every 12 respondents said affirmatively that they didn’t want him to win.

They go on from there to point out that Bill’s name recognition may be lagging, but that’s far from his only issue. Roughly half of the respondents said they didn’t know enough about the mayor to have an opinion. But for all the rest who did know of him, 71 percent of the opinions were negative. Click through and take a look at some of the graphs from the results and you’ll see just how much of an outlier Bill de Blasio is. These are the Democrats we’re talking about and some of them appear to like Donald Trump more.

The message might be starting to sink in. During an interview yesterday, de Blasio said even he isn’t sure he should be running. (NY Post)

Dollar Bill is hedging his bets.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, who’s been pleading with people to pledge as a little as a buck to support his quixotic bid for the White House, has hired a “lean and mean” presidential campaign team of just five people, because he’s not sure if he’ll be a viable candidate, sources told The Post.

The Mayor has a presidential campaign in motion and thus far he has hired five staffers. Nearly all of them are from his City Hall staff and four of the five are white males. In New York City. I know, right?

The de Blasio for President Campaign Death Watch continues. I was finding it amusing for a while, but now it’s just becoming sad.