De Blasio dogged on the campaign trail by police unions

Sons of Gondor, of Rohan, my brothers! The day may come when there is good news from the campaign trail for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. But it is not this day!

All joking aside, de Blasio is still out there on the road, trying to convince someone that there’s a good reason to nominate him for the presidency, but the guy can’t seem to catch a break. The latest uncomfortable moment came when he was stopping off at a BBQ restaurant in South Carolina for some gripping and grinning. No sooner had he arrived, however, when he was greeted by a protester. And it was a retired NYC cop acting as a representative of the Police Benevolent Association. (NY Post)

Mayor Bill de Blasio was welcomed in South Carolina Saturday by a retired NYPD officer who was protesting him.

The mayor, on a swing through the state just days after joining the crowded Democratic field of candidates, was met by the retired NYPD officer at a local BBQ joint in Orangeburg, S.C.

The city’s Police Benevolent Association posted photos of the former cop with a “Liar” foam hand and a sign that read “Mayor Bill de Blasio is no fan of labor.”

This showed up on Instagram not long after.

The police unions are not only not endorsing Hizzoner, but they’re actively protesting him. It’s not unusual for candidates to run into some opposition groups as they travel around. It just comes with the territory. But when it’s law enforcement saying you shouldn’t be in charge of the country, there’s a particularly tough sting to it.

As the Post went on to report, there was another protest going on back home in the Big Apple on Thursday and it wound up taking place behind the set of Good Morning America. I’ve been covering politics for a while now and we’ve seen some dubious campaign launches in the past, but I don’t recall ever seeing one being pilloried as bad as Bill de Blasio’s.

We’ll close with a bit more of the protest action from New York City as covered by Fox News. Does anyone have any predictions as to how much of this public ridicule the Mayor can take before he backs out and writes it off as a bad decision?