Mystery assailants of Jewish men in Brooklyn still at large

Last week we looked at the story of a Hasidic Jewish man who was attacked in Brooklyn. The assailant fled, but there was security camera video of the attack available. As it turns out, however, there was another attack in the same neighborhood on another Jewish victim. That man was seriously injured and may have fallen prey to the same group of young men. And once again, cameras captured the alleged assailants quite clearly. And yet they remain on the loose. (CBS New York)

Days after police released video of suspects wanted in two separate anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn, there is new information.
One of the victims spoke exclusively with CBS2’s Lisa Rozner on Sunday, telling her he was so badly beaten, there are still bruises on his face one week later.

Police are hoping the public recognizes four men, each captured on video wearing sweatshirts and believed to be in their 20s. The NYPD said the group assaulted a 42-year-old Jewish man in Williamsburg last Saturday shortly after 1 a.m.

“‘Jews. We hate Jews,’ and a few times they say this,” the victim told CBS2 by phone.

Here’s the brief video report, including the captured images of the alleged attackers. This should be of particular interest to anyone reading this in New York City.

The second victim fared much more poorly than the gentleman we featured in the previous article. The original victim only received one violent punch to the side of the head and had his hat knocked off. The second person was seriously beaten, with swelling to the face that has lasted for a week. He’s unable to even return to work.

One troubling aspect of this story is the lack of leads for the police to follow. Originally, local media wasn’t even putting out the video or descriptions of the assailants in the first attack. But now they’ve finally gotten up to speed and it’s all over the local news. The images in the videos and still photos seem quite clear. If those young gang bangers are local talent, surely somebody knows who they are and could try to collect the reward by contacting the authorities.

These attacks aren’t taking place in a vacuum, either. Just this month the NYPD reported that there has been a stunning increase of antisemitic attacks in the city since January, up 82% from the first quarter of 2018. Nearly all of these attacks have one thing in common. The victims had no idea who their attackers were so there was obviously no history between them. The majority of cases didn’t involve a robbery of any kind. They were simply attacked because they were wearing traditional Jewish garb while walking the streets and minding their own business.

We cover too many stories of antisemitism in the public speech of community leaders and even elected officials. But this goes far beyond verbal provocation. Someone has declared war on the Jewish community in New York City and they are literally beating people down in the streets. The attackers need to be found and made examples of.