De Blasio 2020 POTUS bid? He'll get back to you on that

Looks like Allahpundit spoke a little too soon last Friday when he wrote about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio jumping on the Democrats’ 2020 presidential primary bandwagon. We can’t blame him, though. Hizzoner had everyone fooled with leaks that he was going to be announcing by tomorrow, but it might have been a head fake. When pressed on the question by local media yesterday, de Blasio insisted that nothing was finalized and he’s still making up his mind. (NY Post)

Mayor de Blasio will not formally announce his much-teased presidential run this week, a source close to his political operation confirmed to The Post on Monday.

Hizzoner has teased a possible White House run for months, touring early key Democratic primary states as he tests the waters for a possible 2020 bid. However, he has always demurred to provide a specific timeline for when he will make up his mind about launching a campaign, only saying in recent days that a decision is coming “soon.”

But, preparations have continued to ramp up. Two more City Hall staffers went on vacation leave to begin working for his political operation last week.

The Mayor has been doing everything but making a formal announcement for a while now. He’s been visiting the early primary states, giving speeches on subjects of national policy matters and raising money for state Democratic parties through his PAC. All of that effort hasn’t helped him much, however. The only polls where his name is even included show his support is less than one percent. Of course, as an undeclared candidate, perhaps he’s expecting a bump after his formal announcement.

It’s tough to imagine that any of the frontrunners are terribly worried about de Blasio entering the race. Even if he started building up any sort of momentum it’s not as if they’d have to do much work to come up with a fat folder of oppo research on him. The infamous groundhog killer is still on tap to testify in a series of corruption trials that have been swirling around his administration. If his opponents need any highlight reel material, they could probably start with an interview with a guy who is currently sitting in prison after pleading guilty to bribing the mayor. Another trial currently playing out involves stories that literally include private jets full of hookers going to Las Vegas.

And let’s not forget the woman who could potentially be America’s next First Lady if Bill were to be elected. Chirlane McCray is currently being grilled over what happened to nearly a billion dollars of taxpayer money that was flushed into a new mental health initiative a few years back. She can’t seem to explain what was accomplished with all that cash, nor are there records showing where much of the money went.

The list goes on from there. If anyone wanted to take de Blasio’s presidential aspirations seriously, he should be the easiest person in the field to shoot down. But hey… you go for it, Mr. Mayor. This is America, and everyone deserves a chance to try if they like.