Navy: We're investigating more UFOs, but we won't tell you about it

There’s an ongoing discussion taking place among the United States military, intelligence agencies and elected officials over what, if anything, we should be doing in response to military pilots (and others) who have been reporting unidentified flying objects (or “unexplained aerial phenomenon” and “Advanced Aerospace Threats,” as they’re being called these days). Most of the MSM coverage stems from the 2017 New York Times blockbuster article, where the federal government released video shot by Navy pilots of some… things nobody could reasonably explain hanging around in our airspace.

Since that time, many other pilots, both military and civilian, have been coming forward and saying they’ve seen the same sort of activity. So what are we doing about it? The Navy came out in the past couple of weeks and said that they were going to be taking those reports more seriously and changing the way they investigate them. But there’s a catch to it. They don’t plan on telling the public what they’re finding. (Newsweek)

Since 2014, UFOs have intruded upon military airspace as often as several times per month, a military official told the Washington Post. In a follow-up published by the Post on Monday, the same official said that the U.S. Navy will not share any more information regarding what they call “unexplained aerial phenomena” with the public, despite drafting formal procedures to document UFO sightings on an ongoing basis…

Joseph Gradisher, spokesman for the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, described multiple recorded sightings per month to The Washington Post, but emphasized that any further information will likely remain classified. Congress may see reports with broad statistics regarding the number of sightings and conclusions taken from follow-up investigations.

But while the Navy plans to keep its UFO sightings out of the public eye, the politician who helped fund the Pentagon’s shuttered UFO program, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), says UFO sightings are far more common in military circles than previously revealed.

Is the government still of the mindset where they believe this should all be hidden from the public? It certainly sounds like something remarkable is taking place. One crew member from a carrier group that encountered these aerial phenomena described how they “generally zoomed around at ridiculous speeds, and angles and trajectories and then eventually they all bugged out faster than our radars.”

But since the cat is pretty much out of the bag (so to speak), what point is there in keeping the public in the dark? I can see some possible reasons to do it, depending on what they find. If this turns out to be some sort of very, very deep black bag project that we cooked up out at Area 52 (which is where they moved all of the flying saucers, alien bodies and the remains of David Duchovny’s career after Area 51 was exposed), then I suppose we should cut them some slack. That could be dangerous information to have floating around. Even more to the point, if it’s not ours, but turns out the be the Russians or the Chinese, that’s even more of a national security concern.

But even then, based on the maneuvers the “white Tic-Tac” was able to pull off, it likely means that our own government is sitting on some technology that could massively change the world. Have they actually discovered how to tinker with gravity? Could someone in the Pentagon really have figured out zero point energy? If so, it would revolutionize virtually every industrial activity engaged in by man. Should they just keep it a secret? Maybe. Grabbing hold of that kind of magic brings with it the understanding that it could be turned into a terrible weapon that could literally destroy the world.

The most fascinating possibility, however, remains the generally forbidden question in journalism. What if those things weren’t made by humans? What if they came from… “out there?” I’m curious if most people would rather the government tell us that or leave us in the dark and handle it on their own. And what would the justification for secrecy be? I guess they might say they’re trying to avoid causing a massive panic, but I don’t know if that passes the smell test. If ET really has phoned home, it seems to me that our elected leaders would have a responsibility to let us know.