Another Democrat climbs into the 2020 clown car

It’s been at least a couple of days since the last Democrat announced that they were running for president next year so I suppose we’d better introduce another one, eh? No, we’re not talking about Joe Biden. (At least not yet.) This time it’s Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton, best known for… well, something, I’m sure. But now he’s officially in the race. (NBC News)

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., became the latest Democrat to enter the 2020 presidential race Monday, launching a presidential campaign focused on national security.

A 40-year-old Marine combat veteran who earned a Bronze Star in Iraq, Moulton’s stature has been rising since he won a seat in Congress in 2014 by defeating a long-time Democratic incumbent in a primary.

Moulton may be best known, however, for his opposition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. His call for new leadership in internal House elections early this year cost him some support back home in his congressional district north of Boston, which includes Salem and the famous fishing town of Gloucester. He later came around to support Pelosi.

So what do we know about Moulton? For one thing, he certainly takes his time when deliberating a decision. He waited until there were nearly twenty candidates in the primary field before declaring. And for someone who’s never had to run a campaign organization in an area larger than a rather compact congressional district, that means that most of the really desirable, experienced campaign staffers have already been hired. Also, there are so many people begging for campaign contributions that he’s going to have a steep hill to climb in that area as well.

Moulton only got into politics in 2014, bumping off an entrenched incumbent in the primary before being sworn into Congress in 2015. He made a name for himself in 2016 by being one of the first elected officials to compare the rise of Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, so I suppose that might be worth something on the left. He’s embraced pretty much the same set of far-left proposals as the rest of the field thus far, particularly when it comes to gun control, abortion, amnesty and pot legalization.

One more item of note is the fact that the Democratic field has been joined by yet another straight, white, Christian male with a Harvard pedigree. (He married his wife Liz in 2017.) We’ve heard repeated grousing about the lack of perceived support for more “diverse” candidates from the socialists. Where does Moulton see his primary pool of supporters and donors coming from? He’s got youth on his side compared to Biden and Sanders, but that’s about it. It will be interesting to see what he’s got planned to allow him to stand out from the rest of the field. But hey… welcome to the party, Congressman. Hop on in. The water is fine if a bit crowded.