Video: Ouch. Gillibrand's "brave" launch lands with a thud

Over the weekend I took a look at New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrrand (D) and the rather strange campaign launch video she released. The jumbled mixture of far-left talking points hammered bluntly into a theme revolving around the final line of the first verse of the National Anthem focused on the word “brave.” She also managed to work in plenty of plugs for her own record and how “brave” she has been over the course of her career.

It didn’t take long for the New York GOP (who have quite a bit of experience in battling Gillibrand and are intimately familiar with her record) to offer her some “help.” They released their own, shorter version of the video, simply titled, “Political Opportunism isn’t Brave.” It’s only a bit over thirty seconds, so turn on your audio and give it a look.

They start out reminding anyone thinking of supporting Gillibrand that she got her start in the legal field defending the major tobacco companies. Nothing illegal about that, of course, but it certainly doesn’t match up very well with current progressive values. She was also quite popular with Wall Street during that same period.

The clip then goes on to highlight the Senator’s long, cozy relationship with Bill Clinton, accepting both his funding and public support of her campaigns. The Clintons aren’t exactly seen in quite the same light as they used to be in progressive circles, particularly given Bubba’s history with the opposite sex. But there’s enough video footage and news articles out there to remind everyone of how happy Gillibrand was to have Bill in her corner. That one is hard to run away from.

And speaking of “relations with the opposite sex,” the New York Senator can’t really afford to lose the support of all the #MeToo voters out there. The next clip in the video reminds everyone of how she swept allegations of sexual abuse in her own campaign team under the rug until public scrutiny finally forced her hand.

The state party is clearly having plenty of fun with Gillibrand’s launch announcement, but there was one bit of “bravery” they seem to have missed. In her own launch video, she bragged about how brave it was for her to “turn a red district blue against all odds.” Really? I was around at the time and that’s not how we remember it at all. You didn’t change the district. You “turned it blue” by running so far to the right of any other Democrat that you were basically more conservative than your Republican opponent. Yes, you jettisoned all of those core beliefs as soon as you were tapped for Clinton’s Senate seat, but when you were in the House you most certainly talked differently.

If you wanted to be really brave in 2019 you could challenge your own party and stand up for border security and Second Amendment rights. You know… like you did nine years ago? But not everyone can have that sort of bravery I suppose.