Kathy Griffin only exists because of Donald Trump at this point

To the amazement of many, comedian Kathy Griffin is still out there trying to market herself, set up tour dates and even produce a movie about her life. But if she has any new material to offer, it’s being drowned out by the fact that she simply can’t seem to stop obsessing over President Trump and how he supposedly ruined her life. If that strikes you as a rather “backward” interpretation of events, you’re not alone, but Griffin is still whining to any and all who will listen that she’s still being blacklisted in Hollywood and it’s all because of the evil orange man. (Washington Times)

Kathy Griffin complained in a recent interview that she’s still being blackballed in Hollywood for her infamous President Trump decapitation photo she took over a year and a half ago.

The Grammy-winning comedian appeared at South By Southwest this week to premiere her new stand-up film, “Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story,” which she financed herself because she said she can’t find any allies in the entertainment industry.

Ms. Griffin became a public pariah in 2017 when she was photographed holding a fake severed head depicting the president. The comedian was widely condemned and lost sponsors, hosting gigs and tour dates over the stunt. She said she was investigated for months by the Department of Justice and placed on the federal no-fly list during that time.

So she can’t land any speaking parts on television shows or in movies. She had to produce her own movie about her life because nobody would put up the money for it. Industry executives aren’t returning her calls. So I guess it’s true… Donald Trump has really ruined her life, huh?

What? What fresh brand of insanity is this? She was the one who decided to pull the decapitated head stunt. And when the target of your “comedy” is the President of the United States, people are going to notice that and ask questions. The fact that your own industry abandoned you is hardly the fault of Trump. In case you haven’t noticed, almost nobody in Hollywood likes the President and they lionize anyone who makes fun of him. But there are limits.

Another complicating factor is that maybe – just maybe, is all I’m saying here – your movie and your new material aren’t all that good and people don’t want to risk investing in you. Is a movie about your life really going to put all that many people in seats to watch it? Griffin has made a living off of joking about how she lives on “the D list” and never broke through to major fame and stardom like other comics such as Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy or Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Hey, I wanted to be a professional pool player at one point. Didn’t work out for me either.

It’s unfair to imply that Griffin is blaming everything on Donald Trump. In the interview, she also points out that women in Hollywood have thrown her under the bus in a way that wouldn’t happen to men. She’s quoted as saying, “I am hoping, frankly, more women come around, because, and this is not going to be popular, it’s that dark side of feminism: When the chips are down, bros before hos. Guys still stick together like cops. Republicans are like that, too. Women, when the chips are down, we tend to fracture.”

Most of the people she’s mentioning make fun of the President, but they don’t simulate decapitating him. And they also have other projects and material they’re working on. Conversely, it appears that Kathy Griffin has hitched her D-list star to Donald Trump and that’s the only card she has to play anymore. Without Trump, she apparently couldn’t even get booked for littering. But I’ve seen footage of the mansion she lives in. It was featured prominently in her old television show. Somehow I think she’s going to be okay.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022