Big Apple moves to approve driver's licenses for illegals

Continuing their ongoing efforts to undermine law enforcement in their own community, the municipal government of New York City is launching another effort to #RESIST President Trump on matters of illegal immigration. This week the City Council will vote on a measure that will allow illegal aliens residing in the city to apply for and receive a driver’s license. The proposal, similar to ones in other parts of the country, is being billed as a way to “make our roads safer.” Boy, oh boy. I feel safer already, don’t you?

A bill that would call on the state to allow undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses is set to come before the City Council this week.

The legislation, which City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez plans to introduce Wednesday, makes the case that undocumented immigrants should be able to get the IDs because it would make for safer roads.

“I believe that the State of New York has a great opportunity, not only to challenge President Trump, but also lead by example, and that’s what I’ve been advocating for for years,” Rodriguez said. “By allowing them to have their driver’s license, it will make our state safer and it will give relief today and it will recognize their contribution to our economy.”

It’s rather sad that we’ve reached the point where Democrats have to go out of their way to openly admit that they’re proposing cockamamie laws specifically for the purpose of “challenging President Trump” rather than doing what’s best for their communities. But I suppose that’s just the lunacy of the era we live in today.

As for making the roads safer, that’s nonsense. You’re talking about a minuscule percentage of the traffic in New York and anyone can learn to drive a vehicle competently with or without a government permission slip. But that’s not nearly as hilarious as the claim that it would be “recognizing the contribution” illegal aliens make to the economy. I mean, one could argue that your local meth dealer is “contributing to the economy” because he spends some of his profits on legitimate needs, but the entire business is based on something illegal and destructive. The same goes for illegals, who participate with their employers in breaking the law if anyone hires them. (That’s a felony, by the way.)

Perhaps the City Council should take a look over the border at Pennsylvania for yet another problem with this plan. The Keystone State recently found thousands of people on the voter rolls who were not citizens. In that instance, it was mostly because of motor voter registration issues, but the lesson is the same. The more you go adding people who aren’t allowed to vote into the DMV system, the more errors will happen.

The idea that one city can take it upon itself to defy federal law and start handing out rewards to people who are in the country illegally isn’t just offensive. It should be stopped. But as long as Bill de Blasio continues to have fantasies of running for President, I suppose we’ll keep seeing more nonsense like this.