Warren: Lock him up?

It’s still easy to remember all of the chanting about Hillary Clinton at various Trump rallies during the 2016 campaign. Lock her up! It was a signature move for the President, but most of the political media thought it was simply obscene. Judging by the reactions I’m seeing on CNN this morning, however, the joke is a lot funnier if Elizabeth Warren tells it. When talking about the President at one campaign stop, she seemed to imply that the 2020 race could be a breeze for the Democrats because Donald Trump might already be in jail then. (Associated Press)

Back in Iowa as a full-fledged presidential candidate, Democrat Elizabeth Warren took aim at President Donald Trump on Sunday, saying he “may not even be a free person” by next year’s election…

“Every day there is a racist tweet, a hateful tweet — something really dark and ugly,” she said. “What are we as candidates, as activists, as the press, going to do about it? We’re going to chase after those every day?”

She continued: “Here’s what bothers me. By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president. In fact, he may not even be a free person.”

Warren didn’t explain her comment, though she appeared to be referring to the multiple investigations that have shadowed Trump’s presidency.

So… lock him up?

Warren sounds as if she’s playing as fast and loose with the campaign rhetoric as Democrats accused Trump of doing during his election campaign. First of all, in order to “lock him up,” he would need to be impeached first. And Warren wasn’t even willing to commit to that much. When a reporter asked her about impeachment after this appearance, all she would say is that Mueller needs to finish his investigation first. She should also be aware that the votes in the Senate to impeach the President simply don’t exist, and they won’t exist for the next two years unless some serious new bombshell drops.

That brings us to the other question she needs to answer. Lock him up for what, exactly? The Russia probe? We’ve yet to see a scrap of proof of anything actionable coming out of Mueller’s probe in terms of going after the President directly, though we still need to see the final report. What else would she like to lock him up over? His taxes? Best of luck with that.

This appears to be a case of Warren attempting to play Trump’s own game against him as the campaign heats up. Unfortunately for her, she’s not very good at it. And we’re certainly not seeing the massive rally audiences Trump draws turning out for Elizabeth Warren. It’s hard to get a good chant going when you don’t have the people required to pull it off.