Now the Democrats want to impeach Brett Kavanaugh

As John Sexton pointed out a couple of days ago, Colorado freshman Congressman Joe Neguse (D) is on the Judiciary Committee in the House and is wasting no time trying to move the liberal agenda forward. His chosen issue is to launch an investigation into the confirmation process of Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh because there’s “no question” in Neguse’s mind that he committed perjury by lying during Senate questioning.

Despite not offering any specific proof that Kavanaugh knowingly lied under oath, Neguse seems to be skipping over the muss and fuss of holding hearings and going straight to talk of impeachment. (The Independent)

Joe Neguse, a Colorado Democrat elected in 2018 to serve the state’s second congressional district, told supporters on Friday the committee could move to impeach the newly-appointed justice if their findings prove he knowingly lied to lawmakers during his confirmation process.

Donald Trump’s second pick to serve a lifelong appointment on the Supreme Court was alleged to have provided misleading statements surrounding sexual assault accusations leveled against him by Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale classmate.

“There’s no question [Kavanaugh] committed perjury during the confirmation hearings and so forth,” Mr Neguse said on Friday. “I think the Judiciary Committee is likely to take that up.”

To say that Neguse is treading on thin ice here is a bit of an understatement. The only testimony given by Kavanaugh that seems to be up for debate involves the specific date when he found out about one of the women accusing him of sexual misconduct and whether or not he was giving the real definitions of slang terms scrawled in his high school yearbook. If that’s all you’ve got for a possible perjury charge, you’re probably going to make a laughingstock of the Judiciary Committee.

What this is really about seems fairly obvious. The Democrats are still angry about not only losing the presidential election but Donald Trump’s ability to replace the key swing vote on the Supreme Court. Neguse is seeking to right this perceived “wrong” by cooking up a way to take Kavanaugh off the court. That’s a fairly big hill to climb, however. The only time a sitting Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached was when Thomas Jefferson took a run at Samuel Chase after the elections of 1800. And even then, the Senate failed to convict Chase and he remained on the court until his death.

But even in the hypothetical case that the Democrats somehow managed to impeach and remove Kavanaugh (good luck with that in a Senate controlled by the GOP, by the way), what would change? President Trump would simply skip down to the next conservative judge on his list and the Senate would confirm them even more easily than they did Kavanaugh.

These guys really need to let go of the past and get on with their lives. This is a sideshow designed to provide fodder for the cable news talking heads and nothing more.