The EU is now being protested over mass migration

Hey… aren’t you guys supposed to be protesting Trump?

The scene outside of European Union headquarters in Brussels turned ugly this weekend. Most of the protest action in Europe lately has been focused on Emmanuel Macron in Paris, but citizens angered by a massive influx of migrants and the EU’s new accord mandating the acceptance of more and more of them have taken to the streets. And the EU met them with the open, sensitive sort of response you would expect from a benign socialist entity. They began launching tear gas canisters, firing up the water cannons and arresting the noisy mob. (ABC News)

Police have used tear gas and water cannons on demonstrators who assembled around the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels to protest the adoption of a United Nations migration pact.

About 5,000 people gathered for a protest march on Sunday that local authorities initially banned for fear of violence. Belgium’s high court overturned the ban, citing the right to protest peacefully.

Police in Brussels say some protesters became violent when they were asked to disperse.

The Guardian reports that there were more than 90 arrests on the first day. But the unrest wasn’t limited to just citizens showing up to stage demonstrations. A group of ministers from a Flemish nationalist party quit the government last week in protest of the new migration pact.

Do you see a parallel here between the EU and the United States? Democrats in the governments want unlimited migration, but many people oppose it. The resulting unrest results in confusion, protests and internal division. The key difference is how the two governments respond.

We had liberals in the United States up in arms when it was reported that tear gas had been used on the southern border to repel caravan members attempting to illegally enter the country. And those were people attempting to commit a crime. Calls decrying the use of “chemical weapons” on the migrants were endlessly repeated on cable news stations, with the Washington Post describing the action as the use of chemical weapons banned in warfare being unleashed on the caravan. This, despite the fact that tear gas was regularly used during previous administrations, including monthly “attacks” during Obama’s tenure.

Over in Europe, the EU busts out the tear gas and water cannons on local citizens who are there legally and doing nothing more than protesting. The response from American media to these warlike atrocities? Crickets. I suppose the use of “chemical weapons” is in the eye of the beholder and it depends on who is firing them and who the targets are.