John Kerry joins Hillary Clinton as next nationalist demagogue

Remember that time when Hillary Clinton said that Europe needed to “get a handle” on their migration problem? That riled up the Democratic base quite a bit, but now the former Secretary of State has company in her unexpected truth-telling. And perhaps by coincidence, it’s another former Secretary of State. John Kerry has joined the admittedly tiny chorus of liberal voices saying that Europe’s massive migrant problem is riling things up and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. Wait… isn’t that the sort of thing “white nationalists” say? (Daily Wire)

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted last week during a trip to Europe that the continent has been “crushed” by a transformation that has taken place due to immigration.

Kerry made the remarks while speaking at a Guardian Live event at Central Hall in London where he weighed in on a number of issues and also used the opportunity to bash President Donald Trump.

“Europe is already crushed under this transformation that is taking place due to migration,” Kerry said. “In Germany, Angela Merkel is weakened. Italian politics is significantly impacted.”

This is turning into a pleasant surprise, but allow me to warn you that I am once again going to type a series of five words which have probably never appeared under my byline before. John Kerry is absolutely right.

The sad part of the story is that it seems as if the only time prominent Democratic figures feel comfortable speaking such truths is after they are (most likely) retired from politics and no longer beholden to the party’s talking points. This sort of admission would be poisonous to anyone still worried about their political career. Keep in the mind the sort of reception Clinton got after her statements went public.

Some of the responses on Twitter to Kerry’s comments were received with a similar lack of enthusiasm.

Of course open borders and virtually unrestricted migration have sent European politics into a tailspin. It really shouldn’t even be a matter for debate. The only question is, when will these Democratic thought leaders admit that the same rules apply to the United States?