Illegal immigrant pizza guy is arrested again

Do you remember the story of Pablo Villavicencio? He’s the illegal alien who was delivering pizza to Fort Hamilton Army base in New York in June when his identity was discovered and ICE picked him up. Having already been on their radar, Villavicencio was detained and scheduled for deportation. A friendly judge threw a wrench in the works later, ordering the pizza guy to be released while he challenged the deportation order and tried to obtain legal resident status. The judge in the case, Manhattan federal Judge Paul Crotty, defended the pizza guy as being “a model citizen.”

Now he’s in trouble again, but this time not with ICE. Villavicencio has been arrested on allegations of domestic abuse against his wife. (NY Post)

The illegal-immigrant pizza deliveryman who was nearly deported following his detention by ICE at a Brooklyn Army base was arrested again over an alleged domestic-violence incident.

Pablo Villavicencio allegedly got into a fight with his wife in their Hempstead home Thursday, pushing her against a wall, slapping her body then taking her phone away so she couldn’t call the cops, according to a criminal complaint.

Police later found the phone in the pocket of Villavicencio’s shorts, an officer said in the complaint.

He was arraigned in court Saturday for criminal mischief in the fourth degree and ordered held on $500 bail.

So the model citizen’s wife is saying that her husband was slapping her, shoving her around and hiding her phone. Considering that such behavior can result in your attempt to secure legal residency being tossed into the circular file, you might imagine that ICE will be putting him on a flight back home again shortly, right? No such luck. An ICE representative is quoted as saying, “We can’t touch him because he has that habeas petition out there. He’s not going to come into ICE custody even with this arrest.”

This is what happens when you’re an illegal alien and you attract the attention and sympathy of liberal activists and the national media. No matter your troubles or offenses, pro bono lawyers will be found to rush to your defense and sympathetic judges can be located to keep you (and your politically valuable story) in the country and in the public eye. Because Villavicencio’s previous offenses (aside from entering the country illegally) were relatively minor and he has a citizen wife, he was an ideal, sympathetic figure for the left.

Since his bail was set at only $500, it was clearly easy for Villavicencio to hit the streets once again. And if his defenders manage to insert enough red tape into his deportation hearings he could be here for years to come. No word on whether or not his wife will be able to obtain a restraining order or if she’ll just have to put up with being knocked around by her husband. Of course, I’m sure all of the Believe All Women activists will be rushing to her defense any moment now, right guys? Um… guys? (Insert sounds of crickets chirping here.)