NIMBY alert: California residents don't want homeless around people with... homes

If you follow the news out of California on an even casual basis, you already know one thing about the state’s residents. By and large, they are among the wokest of the woke. They are in touch with the underserved and underprivileged. They are concerned about “gentrification” and how the wealthy are forcing out those with few opportunities. They’re also aware that they have a massive homeless problem on their hands and they regularly demand that the government do something about it.

In the City of Alameda, somebody finally took action on that last item from the list. An abandoned federal government building had been proposed by a nonprofit group to be the site of temporary housing for the homeless, with up to 90 apartment units serving the needs of that community. The building was already empty and it wouldn’t require any significant taxpayer dollars to get it operational. It’s a win-win for all concerned.

Unfortunately, the local residents aren’t having any of it and want the project shut down. The homeless, it seems will need to be housed elsewhere. (CBS San Francisco)

Neighbors outraged over a plan to turn an Alameda federal building into housing for the homeless voiced their opposition at a Monday night planning board meeting.

The facility sits across the street from the Crab Cove Visitors Center, a children’s center and a public park. Monday night’s vote is really a formality. A nonprofit’s plan to change the site into a haven for the homeless already has the green light.

But neighbors have mounted a last-ditch plan to stop it.

Area residents came to the meeting to fight back against a controversial makeover of this old federal building into 90 units of housing for older and newly homeless people.

Unfortunately for the locals at the planning board meeting, their protests will likely come to naught. The meeting was described as “a formality” because the city has already approved the project.

What were their complaints about moving these poor souls into their neighborhood? Well, they listed the possibility that the residents might “go off their meds” and “go bipolar.” They also expressed concerns about possible violence. Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t sound like a particularly woke attitude, does it?

It’s easy to poke fun at California residents when you consider how their activists tend to preach to the rest of the nation. It’s not so much fun when it’s in your backyard, is it? But the reality is that Alameda is dealing with a problem that’s already run out of control in cities all over the nation. (Go to Hawaii some time and check out their homeless situation.) In this case, the Golden State is one of the most expensive places to live in the country. When you combine that with a climate where you never have winter (which makes sleeping outdoors year-round a bit easier) the homeless problem is going to explode.

Much like many other societal ills, if you want to solve this problem perhaps the focus shouldn’t be on what to do with all the homeless. Just maybe you should figure out why so many people are winding up out on the streets to begin with and address the root cause. But for now, you can just pack them all on a bus and ship them off where they will be somebody else’s problem.