Coons: It's "premature" to talk about impeaching Kavanaugh

Despite gaining some ground on the generic ballot over the course of the Kavanaugh brawl, most observers still seem to think that the Democrats have enough of an edge to retake the House majority next month. And what do they plan on doing with that power if Pelosi has the gavel back in hand? If your first guess was to say that they’ve moved on from the Kavanaugh fight you’re probably in for some disappointment. Chris Coons was on Meet the Press yesterday and the subject of impeaching Justice Kavanaugh came up.

Did Coons rule it out? Nope. The best he would do was to say that such talk is “premature” at this time. (NBC News)

Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said Sunday that talk of impeaching newly confirmed Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh is “premature.”

A member of the Senate Judiciary Committee that heard emotional testimony last month after Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault,Coons said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that calls for impeachment won’t help the country heal after the confirmation proceedings. Some Democrats are pushing for the action if their party takes back the House in November, prompting the senator to caution them to slow down.

“There’s only been one justice that’s been impeached, and I think talking about it at this point isn’t necessarily healing us and moving us forward,” Coons said.

Here’s the video, just to put it in full context. Judge for yourself.

So it would be premature “at this point,” eh, Senator? At what point would it not be premature? I don’t suppose you’re thinking of something along the lines of three months from now, are you?

Of course, much like the endless talk of impeaching President Trump, this is mostly smoke and mirrors to impress the hoi polloi of the Democratic base. If the Democrats take over the House they could certainly file the papers to begin impeachment proceedings, but they’d still have to get every one of their members onboard to move it forward. Then, assuming they haven’t taken control of the Senate by a vast margin (not in the cards) the effort would die there anyway.

Just out of curiosity, precisely what charges would you bring Justice Kavanaugh up on to merit the radical step of impeachment? An unsupported claim of sexual misconduct from decades ago which no prosecutor would even attempt to bring to trial? Admitting to liking beer? Or just, you know… that look on his face. In the end, it doesn’t matter, since impeachment is a political act, not a law enforcement one. The spoiled Democrats are still seeking to invalidate the results of the 2016 elections and overturn anything that Donald Trump has done. This is only the latest example.

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