Pelosi "praying for divine intervention" to stop Kavanaugh

Fortunately for Brett Kavanaugh, Nancy Pelosi is the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. Were the liberal San Francisco icon in the upper chamber, she would be pulling every string possible to torpedo his confirmation, a fact she’s not even attempting to keep secret. In fact, in a Friday interview, Pelosi tried to call in the biggest favor of all, beseeching the Almighty to reach down with His powerful hand in an act of divine intervention to stop Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court. (Free Beacon)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) said Friday she is praying for “divine intervention” to stop Brett Kavanaugh from reaching the Supreme Court…

“I’m hoping that Judge Kavanaugh will not be a justice on the Supreme Court,” she said. “Let’s just take it one day at a time.”

“I’m ever hopeful of an intervention, prayerful of a divine intervention,” she added, when asked if Nadler should hold hearings on the matter.

Pelosi went on to say that everyone should read Mark Judge’s God and Man at Georgetown Prep, which recounts his days and alcohol abuse at the Catholic prep school he attended alongside Kavanaugh.

Let’s go to the video.

I would normally consider criticizing Pelosi for bothering the Lord over such a mundane matter, but since I was calling for essentially the same thing during the Jets’ game against Cleveland I suppose I don’t have room to talk.

This is, however, a prime example of precisely how far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen. Breathless Democrats are now falling to their knees (figuratively) and asking God to strike down Brett Kavanaugh’s career for the sin of having been nominated. With that level of fervor in the air, I would caution anyone getting their hopes up over the committee vote yesterday to exercise caution. Jeff Flake has injected a one-week “pause” into the confirmation process, but I get the sense that it’s unlikely to end there, regardless of the hard line being taken by Cocaine Mitch.

Whether Flake intended it or not, he’s given the Democrats the opening they were craving rather than just getting this over with immediately. A one-week investigation by the FBI is highly unlikely to turn up anything we haven’t already heard. But that doesn’t matter. The Democrats crying most loudly for an investigation have already said that they still won’t vote for Kavanaugh even if such an investigation comes up dry.

That’s because it was never about finding the truth. Truth is the first casualty in this sort of partisan warfare and the funeral has long since come and gone. What we’re witnessing is an effort to throw sand in the gears of the confirmation process until the Democrats can take back the Senate (or so they hope). At that point, the seat will remain open until 2021. One of the biggest groups of cheerleaders for the Democrats, the Washington Post editorial board, gave us a peek behind the mask on that score this morning. The one week investigation is a good start, they say, but everyone should be ready for it to go on as long as it takes. (Emphasis added)

If after a week the FBI seems to be on the brink of serious substantiation — for accuser or accused — senators should be open to allowing more time.

The Senate should be delaying confirmation proceedings, anyway, until more documents from Mr. Kavanaugh’s time in the George W. Bush White House are turned over — documents Republicans have not even asked for. Republicans object that it would take weeks to sift through and release the relevant ones. Well, they should have begun weeks ago.

It is of course possible that a week’s investigation does not yield new evidence. But maybe it will. Either way, the Senate will be better off for having sought the facts, and the country will be better off for seeing that at least a few of its officials remain more interested in cooperating for the good of the nation than snarling from their partisan corners.

That’s the first step of the long con unfolding before our eyes, set forth in black and white at the Washington Post. Give them an inch and they’ll take a light year. Agreeing to a one week FBI investigation means that the Bureau will have to turn over some sort of report when they are finished. Given their recent history, hoping for this to be a squeaky clean conclusion in either direction is optimistic at best. Even if the FBI finds absolutely nothing of substance (and what are they going to dig up after 35 years?), all they need to do is include one sentence about “getting a sense” from the statements of a witness – most likely Mark Judge – that “something might be amiss.” No matter the classification of the report or what persons it may drag into this mud pit, the report will immediately be leaked by Democrats to the eagerly awaiting press.

And then there will be calls for another delay. That will give Michael Avenatti time to dredge up another “client” from a strip club to hurl more accusations. The fog of war on this battlefield will only grow thicker. And so it goes.

There’s still time for McConnell to avoid this snake pit. Flake has gotten his one week delay. Schedule the vote for the following day unless the FBI somehow miraculously comes up with something explosive. And then, enough will have been far more than enough. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead, because there may well not be another chance after this for a very long time.