Cynthia Nixon is sick of the Sex and the City jokes, okay?

The New York State primary is one week from today and actress Cynthia Nixon is still pounding the pavement, talking to anyone willing to listen, in her effort to unseat Governor Andrew Cuomo. But with the polls still refusing to budge, she seems to be getting a bit testy with the reporters faithfully trailing her around. One topic, in particular, is allegedly getting under her skin and it’s the way everyone keeps bringing up her character Miranda from Sex and the City. I have to give her credit, however, because she appeared to be going along with the joke when she did an interview with comedian John Early. It’s definitely way over the top, but it doesn’t exactly sound as if it’s simply “a bit” to get a few laughs. She honestly seems frustrated that so many people aren’t taking her seriously as a candidate. (Mashable)

Listen, it was kind of funny for like, the first five minutes. But we’ve gotta stop asking gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon questions about Sex and the City.

That’s the lesson John Early learned when he interviewed Nixon about her campaign for governor.

Early asked how Carrie Bradshaw could afford to live on the Upper East Side when she only wrote one column per week. “Look I don’t know how Carrie could afford to do that, but what I do know is that too many New Yorkers can’t afford to live in the neighbourhood or even the city they grew up,” Nixon replied.

Her sense of humor seems to be a bit strained under the surface when she goes on to tell Early, “John, I am not Miranda. I am not a corporate lawyer. I am not Carrie’s BFF. I’m an actor and an activist who has spent two decades fighting for LGBTQ equality and women’s rights and better public schools across New York state.”

So was this all a joke or is she really sick of the SATC questions? It’s a brief clip, so take a look and decide for yourself.

At the end of the interview, Nixon makes the most stunning claim of all, saying that Miranda was a redhead but she’s actually a blonde. Really? Can we get a DNA test to confirm that?

If Nixon is seriously upset about this she’s being unreasonable. While her body of work contains some other entries, the reality is that the entire country knows her from her SATC character. What else are they supposed to talk about? And in the extremely unlikely event she winds up as the next governor, those jokes will follow her around for the next four years so she should probably get used to it. But as I said, there are seven days to go. In order for Nixon to pull out a win, the polls would have to be off by as much as thirty points. There have been a number of surprise upsets by women in Democratic primaries this year, but if she manages to pull this off the polling companies should probably just close down now and take up some other line of work.

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