Watch: North Carolina socialists chant, celebrating death of John McCain

This actually cropped up yesterday, but with the death of Senator McCain still being such a raw experience, it seemed like a little time should pass before it was made public. Such sentiments apparently didn’t cross the minds of some socialist protesters in North Carolina, however. Twitter user Lady Liberty came up with a short cell phone video of a group allegedly led by union organizer and member of the Communist Workers World Party, Dante Strobino. Strobino uploaded the video on Saturday night as soon as the word of Senator McCain’s death had hit the news. He later deleted it, but nothing ever really goes away on the internet, as most of us have learned by now. It shows a group of protesters, apparently some of the same group who tore down the statue of “Silent Sam” at UNC, sitting around a table celebrating and gleefully chanting “John McCain is dead!”

This second video of the same disgusting sequence of events was uploaded by user @Void_Daddy and then deleted.

And this video is where the crowd really goes wild. Originally posted by user @Jugo_Chavez, it shows the cheering crowd erupting, trying to add some originality into their chants by switching to, “the bitch is dead.” (Bonus points to the guy yelling, “I love my comrades.” Is this North Carolina or Venezuela?)

I can’t take credit for finding this. The first person I saw pointing it out was Sister Toldjah.

We’ve already discussed the tearing down of the statue here, and that can remain a subject for another day. (Some of the perpetrators have been arrested, though.) Beyond playing the video, I’m unsure what more there is to say. Even if your particular political beliefs ran entirely opposite of John McCains, is it ever appropriate to go to a public place, get drunk and begin chanting and cheering the death of a cancer patient? Particularly one with a lifetime record of service to his country?

Strobino’s Twitter profile reads, “revolutionary socialist, Marxist-Leninist, working class trade unionist. Organize the South! Black Lives Matter! Disarm Police, ICE & the Pentagon.” If this is the #RESIST movement showing their true colors in a private moment, it says far more about them than it does the Senator. It would probably be easy to hate and despise them, but watching this display I almost want to pity them for the horrible world they must exist in.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022