MN Dem candidate voted against bill to deny insurance payments to terrorists

Yesterday we talked about the curious background of Minnesota congressional candidate lhan Omar. The Somali-born immigrant is one of only two Muslim women running for (and almost certain to be elected to) Congress this November. She’s seeking to take the seat vacated by Keith Ellison who is currently otherwise engaged in his own campaign for state Attorney General.

At the time, I noted that Omar frequently seems to be more wrapped up in her own wonderful story than any details of how she will improve the lives of her constituents. We also looked at some of her old social media posts where she was, shall we say… less than sympathetic toward Jews and the nation of Israel. She doesn’t have a large policy footprint to dig into, having served less than two years in the state legislature, but the Free Beacon managed to dig up a couple of interesting tidbits which should raise some questions. The first had to do with a vote in the state House regarding insurance payments to individuals convicted of terrorism. A popular measure, it passed with only two votes against it. Would you care to take a guess as to who cast one of those votes?

Ilhan Omar, the former Minnesota legislator who won the Democratic primary for a House seat on Tuesday, once voted against a state bill to stop insurance payments to those convicted of terror acts, adding more fuel to accusations the candidate represents a fringe, anti-Israel section of the Democratic Party.

Omar, a Muslim Somali-American who has come under fire for her harsh criticism of Israel, was one of just two lawmakers in 2017 who voted against a Minnesota bill to deny life insurance payments to any person convicted of aiding or committing terror acts, according to official vote tallies.

Omar’s objection to the bill has stoked critics on both sides of the political aisle who say the candidate’s anti-Israel positions and soft stance on terrorism puts her in a growing stable of fringe Democratic lawmakers who single out the Jewish state for criticism.

We should be clear as to what the bill was about. Let’s say you’re an energetic, enthusiastic, aspiring young terrorist who’s eager to make your mark in the world by hooking up with dozens of virgins in heaven after blowing up a large number of Americans. And let’s say that before heading out to strap on the old suicide vest, you take out a nice, healthy life insurance policy so your family or fellow terror cell members will be well provided for after you’re gone. This legislative measure was being put in place to stop your beneficiaries from collecting.

The measure garnered 127 votes in support from both sides of the aisle. The two lone “nay” votes came from Omar and her fellow DFL member John Lesch. (No clue what Lesch’s excuse for voting against the bill was either.) Who opposes a measure like that?

Apparently, that wasn’t the only item of interest. The Free Beacon also reports that a second bill under consideration last year similarly drew massive support, with Omar being one of only four legislators to oppose it. It was a bill intended to penalize parents who engage in female genital mutilation on their babies. In case you didn’t catch that, allow me to rephrase it. Ilhan Omar voted against a bill designed to stop the mutilation of the genitals of baby girls.

Congratulations, Minnesota. You’ve really dialed yourself in with a winner and yet another rising star of the Democratic Party, I’m sure. And if this is the face of the modern Democratic Party, we should make sure everyone in the country knows about it. Let’s see how well that sells in the heartland.

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