Google denies a liberal bias, and yet keeps hiring high profile Democrats

Remember “Don’t Be Evil” disappearing from the Google code of conduct? Yes, they actually removed it when they reorganized under the Alphabet brand, but perhaps that wasn’t just a simple oversight after all. They’ve also kept insisting that they don’t have a liberal bias and just want to keep everyone healthy and happy inside of one, universe-controlling financial empire.

That second claim rings a bit hollow when you look not only at their policies but the people they continue to hire. Politico’s Morning Tech newsletter from this morning mentions a couple of interesting names who will now be drawing paychecks from the search engine giant. Both of them have long resumes and their pedigree doesn’t exactly speak to a moderate world full of moderate, independent goodness.

Oscar Ramirez and Dana Thompson of InSight Public Affairs will register as lobbyists for Google working on tech and labor policy, MT has learned. The pair previously represented Google at the now-shuttered lobbying firm Podesta Group. Their other clients include T-Mobile, Airbnb and Lyft. Ramirez earlier served in the offices of Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) and former Reps. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) and Joe Baca (D-Calif.), and did stints on the Kerry and first Obama presidential campaigns. Thompson was Maryland’s director of federal relations under Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley, and worked in the offices of Reps. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas). Google retains roughly two dozen outside lobbying firms and paid more than $18 million to lobby Washington last year.

So the two new lobbyist hires are Oscar Ramirez and Dana Thompson. They are both former employees of Tony Podesta at the Podesta Group. Does that name ring a bell? In addition to the Podestas being major players in the Clinton orbit, Tony has found himself busy recently talking to Bob Mueller about his Russian connections.

As noted by Politico, Ramirez worked for Al Green. You know Al, right? He’s the guy leading the charge to impeach Donald Trump.

At least Dana Thompson didn’t work for Al Green, right? Whew! Dodged a bullet there. No, she only worked for… Maxine Waters.

Seriously Google? Keep in mind that I’m coming to you with a bit of advice as someone who has been immersed in the Googleplex of tools and products for longer than I can remember. I honestly don’t want to see you taken down. Just stop dealing from the bottom of the deck, guys. It’s not as if nobody has noticed. The bias isn’t just in your hiring, but it’s seeped deep into your algorithms and affected your search results. Believe it or not, you still have the power to stop this.

The question is, do you have any sincere interest in doing so?