Man, Mika Brzezinski *really* liked that baby Trump balloon

If you were watching the news of President Trump’s visit to England yesterday you no doubt saw the much anticipated “Trump Baby” balloon. The way most of the reporters were talking, I was expecting something on the scale of a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade display. It was a bit underwhelming in those terms (more on that below) but that didn’t stop one enthusiastic fan from seemingly going into spasms over the inflatable insult to the President of the United States.

That adoring supporter would be Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. It was my day off so I was only looking at Twitter intermittently, but every time I did it seemed as if I saw Brzezinski tweeting about the balloon. When I went back to check later on I discovered that it wasn’t just a matter of coincidental timing on my part. Mika was absolutely fixated. Starting at two minutes past noon, Brzezinski fired off her first tweet about the balloon.

This was followed two minutes later by the first of several requests for people in London to send her pictures of the balloon.

Over the next nearly six hours she tweeted or retweeted 25 times. All but one of the tweets was about the balloon. (The lone exception being a two-word comment on the Russia indictments.) Other than that it was all balloon, all the time.

Here she is cracking up over the fact that some of the balloon handlers had “Trump Babysitter” t-shirts.

The barrage of balloon related tweets finally ended with this one shortly before 6 o’clock in the evening.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about a group of foreigners assembling to mock the president of the United States. I seem to recall a time when politics ended at the shoreline and we demanded better of our allies.

Another point to consider is that none of this was a comment on Trump’s policies or public speeches. It was simply a gaudy display making fun of his appearance. When someone pointed out to Mika that this was hardly an example of “going high” (as per Michelle Obama) her entire defense was to say it was “just so funny.”

The balloon itself was something of a fail, by the way. As I mentioned above, we were led to believe that this was going to be some sort of behemoth which would require a permit so as not to violate London airspace regulations. As the Free Beacon later reported, the actual object was not only not “yuge” but could have been in danger of destruction from a couple of determined house cats.

You could be forgiven for expecting something a bit more … grandiose.

Protest organizers said they want to “make sure [Trump] knows that all of Britain is looking down on him,” which makes an undersized balloon you have to look up at a strange metaphor decision indeed.

NPR, The Guardian, Washington Post, MSNBC, Politico, and Reuters all had coverage of the 19-foot-balloon, or “blimp.” For comparison’s sake, one of the new Goodyear Blimps is 246 feet long and 64 feet wide. The New York Times, Associated Press, CNN, CBS, and TIME marveled at the “giant balloon.”

You can tune in to Morning Joe on any given weekday when Brzezinski is on duty and hear her complaining that the President is anything from a criminal mastermind to a mental patient, so her finding the insulting balloon amusing shouldn’t come as any surprise. But when the display absorbs someone’s entire focus for almost six straight hours one begins to wonder whether Obsession isn’t more than just a brand from Calvin Klein.

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