Canada: You illegal aliens need to stop breaching our border

Canada was busy welcoming leaders from around the world to the G-7 summit this weekend and, aside from the United States president, everyone seemed to receive the standard, polite greeting from their Canadian hosts. But there are some other foreigners who aren’t getting such a warm reception anymore. Those would be the illegal aliens pouring over the border into the Great White North now that U.S. immigration forces have been cracking down.

Despite Canada’s legendary niceness and previous offer to take in the huddled masses fleeing from President Trump, that attitude is quickly changing. This week they put the word out that they simply can’t keep taking people in and deportations from Canada are on the rise. (USA Today)

As President Trump travels north to Canada to attend the G7 summit, Canadian officials have been heading south to try to stem a wave of undocumented immigrants headed their way.

In what has become an increasingly regular mission, Canadian representatives visited the U.S this week to warn immigrants fearful over President Trump’s immigration crackdown that they can’t simply rush north of the border to find safe haven.

Randy Boissonnault, a liberal member of Parliament and a special advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, visited South Florida this week to try to educate would-be immigrants about the limitations of the Canadian immigration system.

For all the lecturing that Justin Trudeau and European leaders regularly deliver to the White House, Canada’s actions don’t seem to match the criticism they’re dishing out. The “education” that Canadian officials are offering sounds awfully similar to U.S. immigration policy, though perhaps phrased in more polite terms. Liberal Canadian MP Randy Boissonnault, visiting Florida to get the word out, said the following:

“People seem to think that if they cross the border there’s this land of milk and honey on the other side,” Boissonnault said from the Canadian consulate in Miami on Thursday. “What we want is for people to have the right information. We want them to do the right thing for their families.”

Turns out Canada really isn’t the “land of milk and honey” for illegal aliens at all. In just the month of August last year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police nabbed over 5,500 people (mostly Haitians) crossing into Quebec, primarily from upstate New York. As we’ve discussed here previously, the Canadians made a big show of welcoming them, setting up trailers and tents where the incoming migrants were processed. But here’s the part they didn’t tell you. On average, only 8% of their applications were approved. The rest were deported back to Haiti or are in the process of being removed. So out of those 5,500 who crossed the border last August, more than 5,000 have been deported.

That would be a month’s work that even ICE would envy.

This is something that Europe has already been learning the hard way. When you put the word out that you’re rolling out the red carpet and welcoming anyone who wants to stroll in, people will show up in massive numbers. And not all of them have honorable intentions. Even for those who are genuinely seeking relief and bear no ill will, the costs associated with accepting them in such numbers can quickly overwhelm you. And when the numbers grow too large there’s nothing much to do except send most of them back. That’s what Canada has found out, and now they should consider putting an end to their lectures about the “cruelty” of the United States.