When Democrats drop 100K voters from the rolls it's "accidental"

During Tuesday’s California gubernatorial primary, more than 100K voters in the Los Angeles area were not on the voter rolls when they showed up to vote. This led third-place finisher (and “first loser”) Antonio Villaraigosa to call for voting to be extended until Friday, still hoping to drive the second place GOP finisher from the race. In any red state, when people suddenly wind up missing from the voter rolls, Republicans are “suppressing the vote” or simply being racists. But what happens when the same problems crop up where Democrats control all of the election infrastructure? It’s an accident caused by “errors.” (LA Times)

Antonio Villaraigosa called on elections officials Tuesday to extend election day until Friday because of errors that led to the names of more than 118,000 voters not appearing on the rolls in Los Angeles County.

“It should be infuriating to voters,” Villaraigosa told reporters at his election night party in downtown Los Angeles. “You would expect that in the United States of America, in the county of Los Angeles, they would be able to conduct an election without there being problems of this magnitude.”

He said his campaign had filed requests with county elections officials to extend voting, and has asked Secretary of State Alex Padilla to investigate how the errors occurred. He said they have not yet received a response.

Villaraigosa quickly took to Twitter to call for a few more days of voting while this was all sorted out. Good luck with that.

We might not have found out about the missing voters so quickly were it not for some of the high profile names that were dragged into the mess. The Fonz was left off the rolls too.

Wait, did they check under Arthur Fonzarelli? Actor Henry Winkler, known for playing The Fonz in Happy Days, says he was among the nearly 120,000 California voters mistakenly left off the voter rolls in Los Angeles County for Tuesday’s primary election.

Okay, so what actually happened that caused such a massive number of voters to be left out in the cold holding provisional ballots? Fox News is reporting that it was a “printing error.” That’s a rather vague sounding answer if you ask me, but thus far everyone seems to be accepting it as an explanation. Of course, as I mentioned above, if Republicans were in charge of that voting system and more than 100K Angelinos went missing from the rolls, they would have been “suppressing the Hispanic vote” and all manner of evil deeds. Do you think anyone in liberal circles would be accepting a “printing error” as the explanation?