San Francisco mayoral candidate pushing to repeal sanctuary city policy?

San Francisco is one of the pusling, beating hearts of the #RESIST movement, right? I mean, we all know that. It’s a given. Or… maybe not?

The City by the Bay is preparing to elect a new mayor this year and candidates are lining up to prove their liberal, progressive bona fides to win over the voters. This is especially true when it comes to illegal immigration policy, where both the city and the state have been in a running battle with President Trump. But there’s one notable exception to the rule. One city attorney named Angela Alioto is running for mayor on a different platform. She wants to repeal some of the city’s sanctuary city laws. (CBS San Francisco)

In the controversial battle over San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy, one mayoral candidate is arguing the system gives felons a free ride.

Currently, the city’s policy makes it next to impossible to turn an illegal immigrant accused of violent felonies over to ICE. Next week, voters who disagree with that policy will be able to make their voice heard by backing one mayoral candidate.

“It’s where the far left goes so far left, they’re right,” said San Francisco attorney and mayoral candidate Angela Alioto…

“It’s so out there. Who in the world would sit there and think, ‘Let’s protect murderers and rapists,’” said the mayoral hopeful.

So that’s just nuts, right? We’re talking about San Francisco here so Alioto is clearly toast and probably shouldn’t have bothered tossing her hat in the ring. Or is it actually all that crazy? Perhaps she’s paying a bit more attention to the actual feelings of the voters than the rest of the mayoral hopefuls. If so, she’s probably aware of a recent poll which shows that her prospective constituents actually don’t support the harsh restrictions on ICE cooperation and would like to see them removed.

In exclusive new Survey USA poll offered a stunning snapshot of where the Bay Area stands on immigration Monday, with the new numbers revealing that more local residents are backing President Trump’s policies than you might think.

The KPIX 5 Survey USA Poll showed more than half of people support a key element of the President’s immigration policy.

53 percent said local law enforcement should always contact federal authorities about illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes.

A majority of Bay area voters taking Trump’s side on the ICE cooperation question is surprising enough by itself. But even more shocking (at least to most folks in the media I imagine) is that, particularly when it comes to serious drug offenses, 70% of Hispanic voters want ICE to be informed and involved.

Even if Alioto doesn’t make it to City Hall, she may still be able to collect enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot to repeal one Sanctuary City policy. Currently, local laws in San Francisco prevent the cops from holding an illegal alien for pickup by immigration enforcement unless:

  • The immigrant was arrested for a violent felony, AND
  • A judge finds probable cause to prosecute the crime, AND
  • The same immigrant has been convicted either of three felonies or one violent felony in the last seven years

And even if the illegal alien meets all three criteria they can’t be held for longer than 48 hours. This made for great politics and headlines for the former Mayor and the City Council, but those poll results I linked above indicate that the people of the city are not in favor of it. If the #RESIST movement loses San Francisco, this could be the beginning of the end.