Female comics agree Sam Bee should call more women the c-word

There’s yet another comedy festival going on in San Francisco this week and it’s attracting plenty of female comics. Given the events of recent weeks, you’d expect them to be weighing in on some of the controversies and most of them clearly didn’t wish to disappoint. This included standup comic Nikki Glaser and her SiriusXM cohost Rachel Feinstein who had an unexpected message. (Well, unexpected for me at least.) It basically boils down to, female comics need to be calling more women the c-word.

In an attempt to translate this into something intelligible I’ll include a brief snippet from this article at the Daily Beast. I’ll clean up the worst of it here with redactions, but I’ll just warn you in advance that if you click through you’re going to be treated to a lot of language which is not only unsafe for work but for most of civil society. (Redactions mine)

“I’d rather be called **** than, like, ma’am,” Nikki Glaser jokes before her set at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest on Saturday.

Glaser — the host of the You Up? morning show on Comedy Central’s SiriusXM channel — along with her friend and fellow stand-up Rachel Feinstein, are about to perform as part of “Amy Schumer and Friends” on the enormous Civic Center Plaza in this city. And while no one at the second annual Clusterfest seems particularly concerned about offending anyone with their jokes, there is a palpable chilling effect in the air…

“The idea that we somehow can’t take attacks on our character because we’re women is kind of offensive in itself,” Feinstein says. Michelle Wolf “was supposed to roast people” at the event and that’s exactly what she did. “Everyone’s attacking a woman who did her job in the name of feminism?” she asks. “I don’t get that. It just makes me feel sleepy. It’s dumb.”

Glaser goes on to say, “I don’t know that it’s a coincidence, I think people don’t like women.”

First of all, I’ll just say that this once again makes me kind of sad. I believe I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve generally liked Nikki Glaser’s work. She used to have a podcast I subscribed to and a show on Comedy Central which was pretty good. Yes, she works blue and some of it can be pretty crude, but for an adult audience, she was always funny when she stayed away from the politics. This, however, is just depressing to see.

Still, having read this article twice, I’m left at a bit of a loss as to what the message here is supposed to be. Feinstein seems to be saying that the idea women aren’t tough enough to stand up to being called the c-word or, in the case of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, being made fun of for their physical appearance is insulting. Glaser’s spin on it is even more baffling. She’s clearly implying that the actual reason people are mad at Samantha Bee or Michelle Wolf is that everyone just hates women and we were all just looking for an excuse to criticize them.

What planet do these ladies live on? At what point in American society did it become acceptable to call somebody the c-word? Granted, I’ve heard a few plus-size female comments make self-deprecating jokes about being fat, but that doesn’t really excuse calling other women fat, or poorly dressed or whatever. The obvious follow-up question would be to find out if Glaser would have thought those comments were okay coming from a man, but we already know the answer to that one. The thing is, Ivanka Trump isn’t a comedian. She’s not “in on the joke” assuming you thought that was funny. It was simply wrong.

I suppose there’s a certain honor among thieves camaraderie when it comes to female comics and maybe they feel as if they need to reflexively stick together. But in this case, I would refer these comics to the first rule of holes. Stop digging, ladies.