Donna Brazile is still fighting for those superdelegates

After many years of serving as a vice-chair in the DNC (and occasional acting chairwoman), a CNN contributor and Democratic strategist, Donna Brazile has largely returned to private life. Aside from releasing a book last year, we haven’t heard all that much from her. But now, with the midterm battles heating up, she’s getting back into the mix and returning to her role as a seasoned observer of the electoral circus. The New York Times sought her out for commentary on the next round of presidential elections, covering one very specific topic. Brazile is still out there pitching for the idea that the Democrats should keep using superdelegates as they have in the past. (Free Beacon)

Donna Brazile, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, is defending the party’s use of superdelegates in its presidential primary.

Brazile has criticized how the DNC favored Hillary Clinton during the 2016 primary but said superdelegates – party insiders who are not pledged to back candidates voters choose – are helpful to the primaries, according to the New York Times.

“We have to make sure that we do this in the right way, in the most responsible way, and superdelegates should be a part of that process,” she said.

“The way we’re framing this conversation right now, we’re discussing removing people from the table who actually set the menu,” Brazile added. “There’s multiple ways to get at this issue without telling everybody to go to hell. That’s unacceptable.”

It would be remiss of me not to note that Brazile herself was a superdelegate on more than one occasion.

First of all, the idea that Brazile “criticized how the DNC favored Hillary Clinton” in 2016 is really beyond laughable. It was Brazile herself who got caught slipping debate questions to the Clinton campaign while doing no such favors for Bernie Sanders. Also, she’s been definitively proven to be dishonest. She denied doing it for nearly a year, before finally admitting to it in a March 2017 op-ed she wrote for Time Magazine. Then, when her book came out, she backtracked yet again and said she didn’t remember doing it and didn’t think she would have done it.

And then there were the superdelegates. If anyone wants to pretend that this biased system of insider influence wasn’t used to push Clinton over the finish line, you weren’t paying attention two years ago. One of the best examples came in the New Hampshire primary. I wrote about this at the time and the math wasn’t too hard to figure out. Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire handily, winning the raw vote total percentage 60 to 37 over Clinton. With their proportional allocation system that means he should have led the delegate total 15 to 9. But almost all the superdelegates still went with Clinton, so they wound up splitting that state. Based on the total number of votes cast, that means that Clinton superdelegates each wiped out 10K + Sanders votes in New Hampshire.

If that’s the system that Brazile wants to keep in place, she learned nothing from the lessons of 2016. And if that qualifies her as a “strategist” today, the Democrats are in more trouble than they think.