Trayon White gets a pass when nobody else would

I assume by now you’ve heard about D.C. Councilman Trayon White’s rather “unusual” views on how the Jews are controlling the weather and his even more disastrous trip to the Holocaust Museum. One might imagine that this story is fairly well wrapped up at this point. I mean, it’s 2018, right? We’re not having any of this intolerance and blatant antisemitism, particularly when it comes to elected officials. If this guy isn’t out the door already it’s got to just be a matter of time.

With this much evidence stacked up (and really not even disputed by the person in question), the paragons of virtue at the Washington Post must be ready to throw him under the bus. Or so you might imagine. But it turns out that you’d be wrong. The WaPo editorial board did indeed weigh in on the subject this week, but instead of calling for Councilman White to step down in disgrace, they’re suggesting that he keep his head down and get back to work for the people of his city. (Emphasis added)

MANY PEOPLE were inclined to believe that D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. (D-Ward 8) spoke from ignorance, not malice, when he talked about Jewish financiers controlling the weather. That was, and continues to be, our view. Nonetheless, we can’t help but be troubled by recent developments: his clumsy visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the revelation of a donation to a Chicago event in which Jews were denounced. And most disquieting: how he defended his actions by implicitly playing the race card, tying criticism of him to his advocacy for Ward 8’s struggling black population…

Mr. White, who joined the council last year, has attracted national attention because of his controversial remarks earlier this year suggesting Jewish control of climate and government. The furor had died down when The Post detailed an awkward visit to the Holocaust Museum by Mr. White and his staff. That Mr. White initiated the visit is to his credit, and a pass should be given to questions asked in earnest good faith but out of ignorance. Sadly, as shown by a recent survey, a lack of knowledge about the Holocaust is not uncommon in young Americans…

Mr. White’s threat to pack the council chambers may have achieved its intended effect. D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D) said there will be no reprimand. Mr. White posted on Facebook his thanks to “my colleagues for standing with me.” But it’s not a victory to take much pride in. If he wants to help his constituents in Ward 8, Mr. White should spend less time playing the victim and more time getting up to speed in his job.

That’s it? The WaPo is giving White a pass, letting him off with an admonishment to do his job and “stop playing the victim.” Who else in the entire spectrum of American politics would be let off the hook for something like this so easily? The Washington Post editorial board was tougher than this on Hillary Clinton, despite basically working as the Trump Oppo desk for two straight years.

First of all, when you’re talking about the Jews controlling the weather, it’s several bridges too far to claim that he spoke “from ignorance, not malice.” This requires us to accept that a member of the D.C. Council actually thinks that people can control the weather. If that’s your level of ignorance you shouldn’t be running the affairs of the nation’s capital. But even if we take that as a given and accept that Mr. White really thinks weather control machines are a thing, how do you explain the idea that the people running said machinery must be the Jews? How is that not malice? He could have blamed our government, the Russians (very much in vogue these days) or even space aliens. But he went for the Jews. That’s not ignorance. It’s antisemitism.

Also, there’s a huge difference between, “questions asked in earnest good faith but out of ignorance” and what went on at the museum. White was looking at a picture of a German woman being frog-marched through the streets with a sign around her neck reading, “I am a German girl and allowed myself to be defiled by a Jew.” He then insisted that the Nazi troopers were “protecting” the woman. Later, one of his aides referred to one of the death camps as a “gated community.”

Yes, surveys will show you that many young people in America today are not sufficiently educated about the holocaust in high school. But that doesn’t leave them wondering if the Nazis were actually a bunch of swell guys who were busy protecting the Jews from the angry crowds. This is preposterous. If any other politician, be they in local, state or federal office, were to make statements such as these, the Washington Post would be screaming for them to be run out of office the same day. Excusing White’s behavior as ignorance borne of good intent is a copout. Mr. White is fond of comparing himself to Marion Barry. He should be treated in a similar fashion and removed from office.