Comedian outraged that people are "allowed" to have five kids

A quick hit from our colleagues at Townhall who noticed some social media commentary from a favorite comedian of mine, Nikki Glaser. After word came out that Donald Trump Jr. and his wife were going to be separating, Glaser noticed that there were five children to be taken care of. That prompted a rather tone-deaf question from the comic on Twitter which she later deleted.

Comedian Nikki Glaser deleted a weeks-old tweet Tuesday aimed at Donald Trump Jr. and his wife following news of their divorce. She noted that the couple had five kids and asked “Why are people still allowed to have five kids?” Glaser told her followers Monday that she was tired of people insulting her over that sentiment and had deleted the tweet but stood by it, asking how it was a “controversial statement.”

Glaser’s initial and subsequent tweet generated a lot of controversy and plenty of responses.

First, a bit of a disclaimer which I alluded to above. I’ve been familiar with Glaser’s work for years now and for quite a while considered myself a fan. She’s done some stand-up specials, had a podcast which I enjoyed quite a bit and a rather short-lived television show on Comedy Central called Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. In case you’re not familiar with her work and are considering seeking some of it out, I should warn you in advance that she talks about sex. And that’s pretty much all she talks about, going into graphic detail about her own experiences, those of her guests and everyone she runs across. So her work can definitely put a lot of people off their feed, but for what it’s worth, I thought she made it work and she was funny. But it’s definitely TV-MA rated stuff.

With that out of the way, given the hints you can pick up from her stand-up and podcast conversations, it wasn’t too hard to figure out that she was a fairly stereotypical Hollywood liberal. But I’ve never been one to let that bother me when it comes to actors, musicians or comedians if the content is enjoyable. Still, in this strange little vignette from the social media world, you do get a glimpse into the inner workings of the liberal mind.

Notice how her first instinct is to comment on the Trump Jr. family as if it’s anyone else’s business how many kids they have as long as they’re capable of providing for them. (And I somehow doubt that’s been an issue in Don Jr.’s house.) But going even further, it’s not only the business of the random observer in Glaser’s mind but also the business of the government. After all, if you’re asking the question “why are people still allowed” to do something, who out there could conceivably prevent them other than Big Brother?

There are countries where the government actually does place a limit on the number of children you can have. You find them in places like China. Their one child policy has led to a number of horror shows which have distorted their social order and produced a number of abortions which has to literally total in the billions. Their culture is also suffering greatly because it’s so difficult to get married. Families really wanted boys more than girls, and once abortions were routinely performed based on gender selection, the natural balance of their population shifted entirely out of whack.

This is all just something to consider the next time you hear a liberal lionizing socialist or communist cultures and pining for the happier, simpler world which awaits if we simply allow the government to make all of these decisions for us and enforce those dictates via the power of the central state. Why are people “still allowed” to have five kids, Nikki Glaser? Because in this country the people still control the government, not the other way around. At least for now.

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