New Hampshire Democrats edging away from the Second Amendment

We don’t always delve down to the level of state and local politics, but this rather curious story caught my attention this week. A Democratic state representative in New Hampshire, Katherine Rogers, has stepped over the line and dared to tread where most Granite State residents would never set foot. She’s not just pushing for tougher gun control laws, but suggesting that recent talk about repealing the Second Amendment is “a discussion we should have.” (New Hampshire Journal)

Rep. Katherine Rogers (D-Merrimack) has long been active in the New Hampshire state house pushing gun control measures (she prefers the phrase “gun violence prevention”) and in an interview with the NH Journal, she said “it’s an interesting discussion that we should have.”

“I think that the United States Constitution is a living, breathing document and it’s always time to revisit and to look at our Constitution,” Rep. Rogers said.

“So I think having this discussions is good, and maybe the op-ed by Justice Stevens leads to a lot of interesting discussion. That’s a good thing. I don’t know if I’m ready to say let’s get rid of the Second Amendment, but I think it’s an interesting discussion for everybody to have,” Rogers said.

I understand that Rogers has a D after her name and all, but isn’t this still the state with the motto, Live Free or Die? (It’s on all of their license plates.) It was only last year when they went full Constitutional Carry. You don’t need a license or special permit to carry handguns or long guns, either concealed or openly. They have the castle doctrine. They honor true reciprocity.

What has happened to the Democratic Party in New Hampshire lately? I find it staggering that you can actually get elected there (regardless of your party) and go around talking about repealing the Second Amendment. You may recall that Maggie Hassan managed to be elected governor as a Democrat, but in July 2015 she vetoed a bill that would have removed the licensing requirement for carrying concealed firearms. Many observers credit that as part of the reason that Chris Sununu was able to take back the office for the GOP in the next election.

These are the sorts of discussions that take place in Georgetown or Manhattan, not in Manchester and Nashua. We should dispatch someone up to New Hampshire to check in with their Democrats and see if they’re feeling okay.