What's George Soros up to now? Oh, just trying to overturn Brexit

Have you been following the news about agents from other foreign nations trying to interfere with elections in other countries? No… not that one. I’m talking about billionaire liberal George Soros. Over across the pond, the Telegraph and several other outlets are reporting that Soros is dumping vast amounts of money into a campaign to stop Brexit from going through and attempting to undermine the Prime Minister to the point where she loses her office.

George Soros, the billionaire known as the man who “broke the Bank of England”, is backing a campaign to overturn Brexit, the Telegraph can disclose.

The investor is one of three senior figures linked to the Remain-supporting campaign group Best for Britain who plan to launch a nationwide advertising campaign this month, which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.

The campaign is trying to recruit major Tory donors in an attempt to undermine Theresa May.

The liberal icon’s deep pockets have waded into British politics to an amazing degree. The Best for Britain campaign, which wants the UK to stay in the EU, was given more than $550K by Soros’ Open Society Foundation according to multiple sources. He’s also providing funding aimed at supporting various candidates who will oppose Theresa May and the pro-Brexit elements of the government.

This isn’t the first place where Soros has tried to tamper with the electoral politics of others. As we discussed last month, Hungary is actively looking at new regulations which would effectively banish him from the country because of all the tampering he’s engaged in. But at least in Hungary he has something of a claim to the right to do so because he holds citizenship there as well as in the United States.

But Soros is not a citizen of Great Britain. So just to bring this back to the original question, wouldn’t this be considered “tampering with” or trying to “influence” elections in another country? He’s trying to overturn the results of a referendum held by the Brits and working to oust their Prime Minister. It may not involve any hacking of computer systems (at least that we know of yet) but it’s clearly “tampering” in the internal affairs of that nation. If we’re all so convinced that this is a patently bad thing, will anyone be calling out George Soros? How about all the money he’s given to Democrats and progressive causes in the United States? Will they be returning all that cash?

I’ll keep an open mind and wait to see, but thus far it looks like crickets.