Northern California is a magnet... for girls joining the Boy Scouts

The Girl Scouts may soon be put on the endangered species list, at least in the northern part of California. (No word yet from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as to their current status.) After providing education and service opportunities for girls over the past 106 years, local reports indicate that young girls “by the hundreds” are rushing to sign up for the Boy Scouts. Not only that, but some of the existing Girl Scout troops are applying to make their units both Girl and Boy scout groups. I’m sure that won’t be confusing at all. (CBS Sacramento)

Girls are signing up by the hundreds to become Boy Scouts in Northern California.

Northern California’s Golden Empire Council of the Boy Scouts is expecting 1,600 girls to become Boy Scouts by the end of 2019. CBS13 spoke to one Girl Scout troop in Davis that will be co-registering as a Boy Scout Troop too — becoming the new faces of a new era in scouting.

“I’m just really excited to learn more,” 6th grader Melissa Meux said.

“We’re both created equal,” 3rd grader Nicole Garcia said.

“I think its pretty cool,” 6th grader Amara O’Brien said.

I suppose it’s understandable how some of the girls might be excited about the idea if they don’t feel that they’re getting the same opportunities and recognition in the Girls Scouts as are afforded the Boy Scouts. But this is still a very sad development. Not only does it play into the entire trend of erasing gender definitions and boundaries, but it really robs young women of a local community where they can feel safe, expand their horizons and observe adult women in leadership roles.

This isn’t a change that is just “common sense” for a lot of people. Former leaders from both organizations have been saying this needs more consideration before rushing into it. Also, public polling clearly doesn’t indicate any national preference for the plan. Among other issues which should go without mentioning, the idea of packing up a bunch of younger boys, including teens who are going through the early stages of “maturing” (for lack of a better word), and sending them off camping with young girls is, shall we say, a bit problematic.

If there are problems with the Girl Scouts and some disparity between the two organizations, then what say we slow down here a bit and try to fix the girl scouts. Identify the areas where the Boy Scouts are attracting better resources or rewards and help the Girl Scouts catch up. This mix-and-match theory is going to cause problems downstream and further bog down society in rampant political correctness.